Creating a Promo Code


You can create and manage promo codes in the Promo Codes section of the dashboard. In this article, you will find information on how to create a promo code, and the 2 different formats you can use to provide a code to customers.

  1. Click on the Promo Code section of the dashboard:
  2. Here you can click Add new promo code or you can view and access any codes that have already been created


Creating a new Promo Code

  1. Click Add new promo code 
  2. Select a Course: Select the course you want to apply the code to from the dropdown menu
  3. Promo code: Type in the name of your promo code. 
    Please use lowercase letters and numbers only
  4. Promo price: Input the price of the course with the promo code applied.
    If you want the course to be free, for example, simply type in "0"
  5. Number of uses: Define how many times the code can be used. You can either leave "Unlimited as checked (this is the default), or deselect it then type in the number of uses field.
  6. Start and end dates (Optional step): Fill in start and end dates in the dates fields if you wish to restrict the dates for when the promo code is valid. These dates are inclusive, so the promo code becomes active at 12:00 am PT on the start date, and it becomes inactive at 11:59 pm PT on the end date
  7. Click Save to finalize



Using your Promo Code

There are 2 formats in which you can provide your promo code to customers.

  1. Provide a link to your course, and the promo code name to customers. They will select "Have a promo code?" upon checkout and input the code
  2. You can also provide the link to your course with "?pc=[insertpromocodename]" added to the end of it, and customers will not have to manually input the code. Click on the code you created to copy the link.

    Example (for illustrative purposes only; this is not an active link):
    Course link is -
    Promo code name is - promocodefree

    The format for the link to provide is:
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