Bulk Purchasing for Corporate Customers


Bulk purchasing supports the corporate purchasing needs of organizations buying courses. In this article we look at how bulk purchasing works, and how instructors can create group rates for corporate purchasers.

Bulk Purchases

  1. Corporate purchasers can buy multi-seat licenses for their teams (up to 30)
  2. The purchaser receives an access code for the number of seats purchased
  3. The instructor will receive an email notifying you of the bulk purchase, noting how many course registrations were purchased
  4. Each student self-registers


Group Rates

Instructors can offer special group rates to organizations buying multiple licences: X% off for 10 registrations, for example.

  1. Navigate to the promo code tool in your dashboard
  2. Select the course, input the code text, and update the preferred promo price.
  3. Deselect the "Unlimited" field and set the number of uses to the number of licenses included in the group rate


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