Creating Bulk Promo Codes


Promo codes are a great way to offer a discounted price for your training courses. You can track promo code usage to see how different marketing campaigns are performing, or to see which price point works best for your course.

If you want to create many codes at once, we offer two bulk promo code options:

  • A single code to be used on many courses
  • Many codes to be used on a single course

To get started:

  1. Go to Promo Codes
  2. Select "Bulk add promo codes" and select the type of bulk promo code option you want


Generate the same code for many courses

With this option you can choose which courses you want to discount, the percentage off, amount of uses and start/end dates.

  1. Click + Your Courses to expand the list of courses and select those you want discounted.
  2. Promo code - create your code, it must be alphanumeric.
  3. Percentage off - select the percentage off discount to apply.
  4. Number of uses - you can keep it unlimited, or input a number of uses per code.
  5. Start and End dates - if you want to limit when the promo code can be used.
  6. Click "Create

Generate Multiple Codes for a single course

With this option, you can select the course to discount, the number of codes to generate, the discounted price, the amount of uses per code and the start/end dates.

  1. Pool name - this is the internal name for this list of codes, it is not user-facing.
  2. Number of codes - this is how many codes you want generated.
  3. Select a course - choose which course to discount.
  4. Promo price - this is the price at which you want the customer to purchase your course, you'll see the percentage calculated for you.
  5. Uses per code - of the codes we generate, choose how many times they can be used.
  6. Start and End Dates - if you want to limit when the promo code can be used.
  7. Click "Create


Pro Tip:

  • Create groups based on Promo Codes to track code usage and see the success of different marketing campaigns and/or price points!
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