Catalog Pages 101

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Catalog pages help you organize and structure your training content. They can contain courses, paths, and/or other pages. 

What are catalog pages?

Catalog pages allow you to group courses together and be discovered on one page, making it easier for learners to find your course content. 


There are two types of catalog pages: 

Catalog home page:

This catalog page lives at your root training domain URL. For example, Skilljar Academy’s catalog home page lives at

Catalog Page:

The additional Catalog Pages you'll create.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are some ways that I can use catalog pages to organize my content?

Consider using catalog pages to organize content by:

  • Solutions
  • Role
  • Product

You can also use catalog pages as a blank webpage using the Header HTML, without adding content for uses such as:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Program overview
  • Certification overview
  • And more.

Can I hide courses?

Yes, you can hide a course from view by making it no longer visible on the catalog page. Learn more.

How quickly will a new course appear on a catalog page?

As soon as you publish a new course to your domain, and make it visible, it will appear on your catalog page.

Can I change the "All Courses" heading?

Yes, you can customize your catalog header ("All Courses" is displayed by default in this section). Learn more.


Learn how to manage your catalog pages with these resources: 

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