Product Updates - Pre November 2023

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Skilljar is committed to continuously improving our platform and building new features that help our customers deliver world-class customer education. This page includes updates to the Skilljar platform before November 2023. To learn more about our latest releases and updates, visit our What’s New at Skilljar page!

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All historical product updates before November 2023 can be found below.

October 2023

Webex Meetings and Webinars 

Our native VILT integration with Webex now allows you to create live training events with Webex Meetings and Webex Webinars from within the Course Management section of the Dashboard. You can even manage, clone, and edit your events.

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September 2023

AICC Web Packages as Course Content

Skilljar now supports Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) web packages, which can be imported to your Skilljar dashboard and used as lesson content within your Skilljar courses. 

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August 2023

Accredible Integration

You can now integrate your Skilljar training platform with Accredible and award digital badges and credentials to students after completing one or more of your lessons/courses. When students complete a lesson/course, they’ll receive their Accredible badge automatically. 

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Learn how to set up Accredible's integration with Skilljar at Accredible’s help article, How Do I Set Up the Skilljar Integration With Accredible? 

July 2023

Salesforce: Choose Which Domain You Want to Pass Data to.

Our Salesforce integration now allows for domain-level filtering. This gives you to option of passing data to the training domains of your choosing. 

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Quiz Analytics Date Filter

You can now filter your Quiz Analytics page by the "latest activity," allowing you to look at quiz data before and after you make a change to the quiz. 

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Clone catalog pages

Now, admins can quickly build out custom pages for different user roles or localization purposes on the same domain by cloning an existing page. All settings will be saved except for location.

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Change homepages

Admins can now swap home pages, changing one out for another. If you have a message or promotion that only goes out a few times a year, now you don’t have to recreate that homepage every time - just save it and swap it!

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June 2023

Fixed Dates for Certification Expiration

Skilljar dashboard admins can now set a fixed date for certificates to expire to give you more flexibility around expiry dates that aligns with your external programs/platforms. 

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Add Tags to Multi-Session Live Training Events

Multi-session live training events now have tags! You can use tags to enable learners to filter their calendar pages and make content easier to discover. 

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May 2023


Our labels feature has expanded! You can now create and associate labels with courses, catalog pages, learning paths, plans, and assets within your Skilljar dashboard. Labels make information easier to find and organize. 

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Examity V5 Integration

Integrate your Skilljar training site with Examity to provide secure and monitored assessments to your learners. Examity offers proctoring services to ensure the integrity of your training by preventing and detecting fraud. 

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April 2023

Multi-Session Live-Training Events

Create and bundle multiple training sessions over a number of days and only require a single registration with the multi-session events option. Create and duplicate entire events, such as a series of workshops across multiple days, and provide students with a quick and easy registration process.

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Flexible Lesson Layout Updates

Lesson creation has been updated and is now more flexible! Create and combine multiple lesson types, including Video, HTML, quiz, and audio lessons within a single lesson so your learners view the different content types all at once. For example, video and audio lessons can now be added to a HTML lesson. 

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Basic Authentication for Webhook Posts

When you activate a webhook endpoint via the Skilljar API, you have the option to add Basic Authentication username and password fields for your webhook header. Adding Basic Authentication adds an extra level of security and makes sure your webhook endpoint can deny any post messages that aren’t generated from Skilljar. 

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Active Student Reports

Use the new Active Students report on the Student Analytics page of your Skilljar dashboard to pull and download historical student activity. The Active Students report shows you when students were active within a selected time frame and domain, and can be downloaded as a CSV file. 

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hCaptcha Security

hCaptcha adds an extra level of security to your training platform and protects against bot user sign-up. The captcha security is now on by default for all new Skilljar customer organizations, and existing customers can have this enabled by reaching out to their customer success manager or Skilljar support.

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March 2023

Quiz Analytics by Quiz

Analyze quiz feedback across multiple courses with a single download. If you're using non-graded quiz questions, there's now a dataset per survey regardless of the course.

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Download CSV’s of Asset, SCORM, & Quiz pages

Download a CSV file for assets, SCORM lessons, and quiz pages in the same way you've been able to download CSV on your course management page, including all the information displayed on the management tables.

API updates

Show Domain User's Sign Up Field Data: Reduce API calls by using the Domain User’s endpoint to get Sign Up Field information.  

Return Published Path List:  API devs can quickly gather the exact Published Path ID by filtering by the Path using a Search input during the List request.

Strategic Insights

Have you wondered how the learning performance of your program compares against other programs like yours? With Strategic Insights, now you can answer this question. Strategic Insights allows you to compare your program’s performance against benchmarks of your peers’ aggregated metrics. These benchmarks are built using our large dataset of anonymized learning experiences. Strategic Insights includes new data visualizations and continually updated comparisons to benchmarks.

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February 2023

Add due dates to courses

Due Dates are now live in Skilljar and will allow admins to set a due date for a published course on the course publishing settings page. A due date will enable them to set a rolling due date either X days after enrollment OR X months after registration for a published course.

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Localization UX improvements now live

We’re continuing to roll out improvements to the UI/UX of our Localization features, like custom string overrides and bulk override upload/download. In this update, the color of fields will have a higher contrast and be easier for the user to identify

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January 2023

Instruqt as an embedded lesson type

Skilljar admins can now embed Instruqt lessons into Skilljar courses using an Instruqt embed link. This functionality will also include the option to add Skilljar customer data to your embed link, such as student and course information, which will automatically update when the lesson loads.

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December 2022

Group Analytics

Skilljar admins can now report at the account level by tracking their Groups. Group users by customer, and then see which are your highest performing customers and which customers need your attention. Analyze Group performance by customer with other important business metrics that are also tracked by customer, such as NPS, retention, or product adoption. 

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Salesforce Release 1.17

Group Categories is now available as a Skilljar custom object in Salesforce. Analyze Salesforce data more easily by identifying which type of Group a Group is, such as "account" or "role."

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Salesforce Release 1.16

Training Credits is now available as a Skilljar custom object in Salesforce. For admins who use Training Credits to provide flexible purchasing options to their customers, use of Training Credits can now be tracked in Salesforce. 

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November 2022

Analytics Overview date filter enhancements

On the Analytics Overview page, the date filter will now encompass up to 365 days worth of data. Use the filter at the top of the page to select the date range you’d like to report on to see key program health metrics reflected on your tiles.

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Localize custom strings

Skilljar now supports the ability to override custom strings to reflect the language pack currently being used on that page. Upload custom terms for strings like Tags, Filter Groups, Domain Sign Up Fields, Theme and Dropdown/Header/Footer links to make them appear in the correct language. 

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Download and upload localized strings by CSV

Easily download all strings by CSV to send to a translation service, then upload the CSV to quickly and easily override the strings in the correct language in bulk. 

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October 2022

Upload SCORM 2004 content

Skilljar now supports SCORM 2004 (3rd and 4th edition). Customers who want to create SCORM 2004 content, or who have previously created SCORM 2004 content for a different LMS, are now able to leverage that content in Skilljar. Add any SCORM 2004 content in the same place that you add SCORM 1.2 content, by selecting it from the “New Lesson” dropdown menu.

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Path Analytics Improvements

Path Analytics Detail page now has a date filter. This will allow admins to filter path enrollments data by date, and also prevents page timeouts with a query limit of 365 days. Additionally, Path Analytics CSV download for an individual path now also contains detailed progress for every enrollment. 

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Course Analytics Improvements

To avoid potential timeouts and to improve data analysis, the Course Analytics page now has a date filter. Admins will now be able to compare lesson views before a change and after a change on a course.

Additionally, Course Analytics now has a labels filter so that programs with a large number of courses can narrow down their dataset on course analytics by the segments that matter to them.

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September 2022

Snapshot view now enabled on Catalog and Publishing pages

This improved UI will list the most important facts about Catalog and Publishing pages in one snapshot view, so that admins can quickly and easily see a summary of the settings on that page. You don’t need to take any action and shouldn’t need to adjust any of your workflows–this is simply a UI change that will make the page more useful and easier to understand.

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Differentiate Your Learners with Group Categories

You can now use Group Categories to distinguish between and report on different types of learner groups. For example, you can use categories to group learners based on company, role, or the type of customer they are to you. Ask our Customer Success team for more information about turning this on.

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Use Skilljar Quizzes to Create Surveys

Use Skilljar built-in quizzes to create survey-style questions to capture valuable feedback by using nongraded questions or CSS/Javascript code snippets to create customized questions.

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Groups Now Included in Enrollment Analytics Export

Groups were previously only a filter and missing from CSV exports. Now, Group Membership is an included column in CSV exports, allowing you to filter by group in analytics tools, Excel or BI software that you upload the data to. You no longer have to download enrollment data group by group to run your group-level reporting.


Enrollment Expiration Enhancements

Enrollment expiration will now be surfaced to learners in the timezone selected for paths and plans. This is an enhancement on our earlier enrollments expiration updates, where all new courses are automatically set to expire at 11:59 pm in the time zone set by the admin and surfaced to the learner on their profile. 

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August 2022

Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) version 1.1

Skilljar admins can set up LTI integrations and display training content from other eLearning tools or labs in a Skilljar course.

LTI content can be embedded directly within the Skilljar lesson window, or can be launched in a new browser tab. LTI providers can then send a Completion Status Message (complete or not complete) for that learner back to Skilljar, with an optional setting to convert that status into a lesson score (0/100 or 100/100).

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Edit quizzes without invalidating learner progress

Now admins can make edits to quiz questions, even if learners are currently taking that quiz. Edit and save quiz question text in Course Management and the new version will be published without invalidating learner progress.

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New view for Catalog and Publishing pages

Snapshot view for your catalog and publishing pages is rolling out soon.

This improved look will list the most important facts about a catalog page in one Snapshot view, so that admins can quickly and easily see a summary of the settings on that page.

If you have any questions, please reach out to


July 2022

Enrollment Expiration Enhancements

Rather than only seeing an expiration date, students will now see an expiration time stamp on the “My Profile” page that lets them know that they have until 11:59pm on the date and time zone set by the admin to complete their coursework.

All new courses will now be automatically set to expire at 11:59pm in the time zone set by the admin, so there will be no confusion about how many hours a student has left on the expiration date.

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Filter sticks in Analytics

Your filter selections in Analytics will now remain selected, even if you navigate away from the page.

Filter selections will reset and need to be re-selected after admins log out or are logged out of Skilljar. While an admin is logged in, their previously selected filters will "stick" each time they revisit Analytics.

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Students Data Table Usability Improvements

Skilljar is changing the way the Students Data Table (accessed from the Skilljar Dashboard > Students view) and the Student Analytics Data Table (accessed from the Skilljar Dashboard > Analytics > Students view) will display data and how it is represented to the Dashboard Admin to clearly show only relevant data. 

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June 2022

Live Event Enrollments and Total Session Time Tile in Analytics Overview

The Analytics Overview tab now has tiles representing two additional data points: Total Live Event Enrollments and Total Session Time.

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English Base Text in Foreign Language Pack Tables

This will help Admins who are interacting with language packs understand what the strings in their foreign language pack mean, without needing to speak the language that they are trying to update.

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File Upload

Admins can now add an “Upload File” option to enable students to upload files as part of a quiz.

Admins can create an “Upload File” quiz question in the same place that they begin authoring other quiz questions for the course. When an upload is complete, the student response will be generated as a Task in the Admin dashboard.

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Event Reminder Emails

Admins can now remind learners of upcoming events with Reminder Emails.

Increase attendance in your instructor-led training (ILT) sessions by setting reminders for upcoming events. Under course settings, select "Event Reminder Email" and set when you would like registrants to be notified.

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May 2022

Training Credits

With the release of Training Credits, Skilljar is expanding options for monetization methods so that Admins can choose the one that fits their use case best between promo codes, direct payments, and training credits. 


Training Credits can be redeemed by learners in order to gain access to paid training. This feature is best for Training Programs that want to sell bulk purchasing power to their customers to take training on their Skilljar site, without requiring the students to have to enter purchasing (credit card) data.

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Path Enrollment, Completion, and ILT Event Registration Webhooks

This replicates course enrollment and completion triggers for Paths and ILT Event registration. That way, Admins who use webhooks with iPaaS tools or to trigger external items in their learning ecosystem can make updates when Path Enrollment, Path Completions, or ILT Event registrations happen.

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April 2022

VILT Waitlist

When a live training event is full, learners can now join a Waitlist for that event. If a seat becomes available, learners will be automatically enrolled in the event and notified via email. Admins can customize Waitlist settings such as time period and number of learners. This will expand capabilities for capturing learner interest in events, planning for future training events, and providing a seamless learner experience. 

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Post-Completion emails

This functionality was built to allow Admins to stay in touch with their learners for up to 7 years after course completion and ensure they maximize the LTV of each learner.


Post-Completion Emails are similar in functionality to “Registration Emails” and “Course Completion Emails” but are triggered to be sent in the future after a learner finishes a course to alert them to certification expiration, prompt certification renewal, or market other courses of interest. 

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Analytics Overview

As we shared at Connect 2021, Skilljar is beginning to roll out an updated approach to analytics. For the first launch in this process, the Overview tab in Skilljar Analytics now delivers a snapshot of a customer education program at one quick glance.


Active Users, Average Session Time, New Users and Number of Certifications issued are among the KPIs that help Skilljar admins tell a story about the health and progress of their program. Users will be able to look at these metrics by different dates with a maximum of 90 days worth of data at any one time.

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Live Event Analytics

The Analytics section now has a Live Events tab where customers can go see live event analytics. Now customers can see live event data for past events in the Analytics section where they expect it and can see course completions and live event attendance in one table.

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Asynchronous Data Download

In an effort to scale with our users, our CSV download will transition to a file drop in email rather than direct download in the browser. By switching to email, we’ll be able to avoid potential timeouts and other disruptions when customers download large files.

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March 2022

Custom Roles

With Skilljar’s new custom role feature, Skilljar can build tailored roles that fit the needs of our customer’s organization. After a custom role is set up by Skilljar, it will show up in the customer’s Dashboard when they create or manage Dashboard users. For maximum flexibility, customers can assign custom roles and the existing Dashboard permissions to the same user. Skilljar can also build custom roles that allow customers to further restrict a user’s access to specific courses and groups. This is an Enterprise only feature. 

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Certification Expiration Date on Profile

Certification expiration dates will now show on a learners' "My Profile" page. Previously, certificate expiration dates were not surfaced to students in an easily accessible way; instead, students had to navigate to each individual certificate to identify when the certificate expired. 

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February 2022

Detailed Path Progress Reporting

We’ve made it easier to identify learner progress on your learning paths. Similarly to viewing Course progress in Course Analytics, Admins can now click into a student record in Path Analytics and see that student’s Path progress. A table will indicate which courses the student has completed and which are still left to do.

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Asset Completion Across Courses

Assets now have a setting to allow completion to be shared across courses. Now, if a Customer uses the same Video Asset in multiple courses, they can set it so that their Students only have to finish this video once. Any time they come across the video again in a future enrollment, the lesson will be marked as complete.

This functionality already exists for SCORM1.2 assets in Skilljar, and helps support reusability for Skilljar customers.  It will enable Skilljar admins to use the existing Video settings to restrict fast forwarding and require Video completion for Video Lessons, while also ensuring that their students never have to ‘re-watch’ content that they have already taken elsewhere in the training site.


This is an opt-in setting, meaning that it will be available to turn on for assets but will not automatically be enabled for any asset at launch. 

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Audit Log - Dashboard User Access Changes

This update is a security enhancement for audit log users. Audit log tracking is added when a Dashboard Admin Modifies other Dashboard User’s Permissions (e.g. assign permissions, invite new dashboard users, change Object access, etc.). 

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January 2022

Snapshot on Domains and Publishing Page

This update makes it easier for users to understand the details of their domain with a new visual snapshot. Admins can see a summary of their domain's details in one easy view by accessing "Domains & Publishing" on the main navigation side bar.

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Score As Percent Custom Email Variable

A new display option for student course progress score has been added for use in Course Completion and Course Completion Failure custom email templates. This option shows the student's score as a percentage rather than as an absolute number of points, providing admins with more flexibility over how they represent the student's score in completion emails.

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December 2021

Filter Assets on the Assets Table

This update enables the ability to filter by asset type on the Course Management > Assets table. This helps to organize searching for specific assets for content to update.

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Certificate Verification Localization

Certificate Verification Metadata now is displayed as a table that can be localized into supported languages. This is a useful enhancement for certification programs that have multiple languages. Learn how to update your certificate table text here.


November 2021

Paths Visible in Search Results

Learning Paths now appear in search results. When a learner searches for a keyword, Skilljar search now also searches Learning Path titles and short descriptions. Search results can be filtered by Plans, Paths, Courses, and Lessons. Learn more about enabling the search feature here.


Additional Quiz Attempts

When a student reaches their maximum number of attempts on a quiz, Skilljar Dashboard Admins with access to the Students tab can grant them an unlimited number of extra attempts. This feature also retains each quiz attempt’s analytics data for users who need extra attempts. Learn more here.


Language Pack Update: Certification Table

The Certificate Verification information now has a table with all relevant Verification data below the Certificate PDF. This table can be localized via language packs, as each header string is translated into each supported language, and all of the strings can be modified by customers if they want to change the translation in any of the languages. Learn more here.


October 2021

Group Membership Update - Enroll Student in Course(s)

You can now set up a rule for your Skilljar Groups to automatically enroll students into specific Published Courses on your domains when they are added to the group. Learn more here.


Improved Learning Paths Experience

For Learners:

Learning Paths are now easier to understand, navigate, and travel. 

  • Learners can enroll in a path made up of multiple courses. As they complete one course, they will be automatically enrolled in the next when they click.
  • Expandable views and progress bars make it easy for a Learner to see where they are along the path, what’s ahead, and to get more information on upcoming lessons.
  • Resume buttons allow Learners to quickly pick up the path where they left off.

For Administrators and Educators:

Learning Path simplification makes paths easier to manage, improves the learner experience, and increases course/path completion rates.

  • Create more targeted learning paths, including new layouts, to better meet the needs of learners.
  • Improved navigation and a “Resume” button helps learners better manage their time by taking them to the next steps on their learning journey. 

Explore more about Learning Paths here.


September 2021

Start Button Added After Student Registration

Students who have not yet clicked into a lesson will see a “Start” button on their curriculum page. This is a call to action to help students reach their content as quickly as possible.


Salesforce Authentication Changed Alert

Skilljar will send out a notification email to the Organization Email when changes have been made to your Salesforce authentication including disconnecting and updating authentication settings. Learn more about the alerts here


Enhanced Admin Permissions

Skiilljar has rolled out Enhanced Admin Permissions for access to Skilljar, giving you better control of who has access to data and who can make changes within Skilljar’s dashboard.

With this change, you can assign permissions to individual employees, partners, or customers to give them access to exactly the data and functions they need. For instance, Finance can now have access only to Promo Code data, or Virtual Instructors can be assigned access to Live Training.

These improvements will help you ensure the right people have access to the information they need to do their jobs while maintaining the level of control that is right for your organization. 

Learn more about this update here.


Task Notification Emails

Customers who use Tasks in the Skilljar Dashboard to grade Quiz Questions or to Review Proctoring Results will now receive notification emails when there is a new task to review. Learn more about this update here.


August 2021

Quiz Question Banks

Customers can create quiz question banks (pools of questions based on topic, role, product, etc.) that can be used across an unlimited number of quizzes.

Quizzes can contain a combination of question bank questions and questions created on the fly. Questions created on the fly can be converted inverted into a question bank as well. Learn more about Quiz Question Banks here.


ILT Event Creation Enhancement

Skilljar has just made it easier to schedule multiple Instructor-led Training (ILT) events, saving you significant time and effort for this repeatable task. 

Events with the same Title and Description on a Skilljar lesson can now be created in bulk. This is great for scheduling recurring events or training that you offer many times to your customers. Once created, you can update the instructor, date, and time on each event occurrence. Learn more about this update here.


Learning Path Enhancements

Path Enrollment Behavior - The new path course enrollment behavior will positively impact analytics and allow you to leverage course emails more effectively.

  • Learners will no longer be enrolled in all courses within the path at once.
  • Learners will be enrolled in the path but only registered for the course(s) once they click the course tile. We've added an auto-enroll function that bypasses the learner having to click "register" on each course for a more seamless experience.
  • Enrollment analytics will reflect a much more realistic picture of which courses a student has accessed.
  • Course prerequisites can be utilized to enforce a specific order of course consumption.

Find out more about learning paths here.

Manage Students - You can now enroll students in a Learning Path via the Manage Students dashboard page.


Salesforce: Classic App Upgrade & New Custom Objects

Skilljar has released an update to the Salesforce Classic app. With this update, we will pass over several new custom objects including Paths, Plans, Course Labels, Live Training Event tags & Offers with Promo Codes. Learn about the new custom objects here.

To access these new objects you will need to go to Salesforce APP exchange, download the new Skilljar app, and then re-authenticate your Salesforce instance in Skilljar. Learn more about this process here. 


July 2021

Course Pre-requisite Update

There are now two options available to set as pre-requisites for a course:

  1. "Student must complete ALL selected courses to register for this course" (i.e. in order to Register for Course C the student must have completed Course A AND Course B.)
  2. "Student must complete ONE of the selected courses to register for this course" (i.e. in order to Register for Course C the student must have completed either Course A OR Course B.)

Learn more about setting up course pre-requisites here.


Zoom Email Update

Effective July 13, 2021, Skilljar will by default disable Zoom notifications to students for all events created through the Zoom integration in the Dashboard to minimize the number of emails students are receiving and to better help track ILT attendance. Learn more about these changes here.


Salesforce Update: Text type fields updated to 255 characters

Skilljar has increased all Text type fields in Salesforce to the max of 255 characters. You will need to reauthenticate your Salesforce app in order for this update to be applicable to your instance. Learn more about which fields have been increased here and how to reauthenticate your Salesforce instance here.


June 2021

Student Details: View & Edit Student's Learning Path Enrollment

You can now view, edit, and deactivate your student's enrollment within a Learning Path from the Students tab in the dashboard. Learn more about this update here.

Manage Students: Enroll in Plans

You can now easily enroll your student(s) into Plans via the Manage Students tab in the dashboard. Find out how to do this here.

Enrollment Analytics Update: View Certificate Expiration Date

You can now easily view when a student's certificate will expire. The certificate expiration date is now visible on the Enrollment Analytics section and downloadable in the CSV. Learn more about this update and where to view this here.

Course Labels

Course Labels allow Dashboard users to organize content in a global, flexible, and scalable way. You can easily create and assign labels to courses on the Skilljar Dashboard and use these labels to surface and find relevant information about the course. Learn more about this feature here.

ProctorFree Integration

You can integrate with ProctorFree to provide secure, monitored assessments to your students. Proctoring an exam helps to ensure the integrity of your certification by preventing and detecting fraud. Learn more about this integration here.

Caveon Integration

You can now integrate with Caveon to provide secure and versatile assessments to your students. You can embed Caveon exams into Skilljar lessons to provide a seamless exam experience in Skilljar while utilizing Caveon’s wide variety of assessment types and its market-leading exam security features. Learn more about this integration here.

API Update: Paths Information

You can now retrieve and push data about Path registrations through the Skilljar API. 


May 2021

Student Profile Update: List Learning Path & Plan Enrollment

A student can now view which Learning Paths & Plans they have enrolled in under the Student Profile Section. Learn more about this update here.

iPaaS Connector setup for Webhooks

You can now use a generic HTTPS listener tool (included in all iPaaS tools) to listen to Skilljar Webhooks, and pass Skilljar Data to any other application in your business ecosystem. Learn more about this feature here.

Data Connector: Enrollment Channel Field Added

You can now determine how an enrollment was created, whether by the student, Dashboard Admin, or through the API. More information on how these models can be found in Skilljar's Data Connector, check out the Data Dictionary.

Data Connector: Additional Paths Analytics

Path item and student path item progress are now available, these models allow you to track learning path progress and connect learning path items to their related content. For more information on how these models can be found in Skilljar's Data Connector, check out the Data Dictionary.

Plan Update

You can now view a student’s enrollment in a Plan and manage their enrollment from the Dashboard. Learn more about this functionality here.

Update to Purchase Flow Experience

Students are now able to:

  • Purchase a single quantity for someone else
  • Purchase multiple quantities of a learning path
  • See scheduled events to ensure that events fit into the schedule of the person they purchase for
  • Reserve events before they purchase a course to ensure that the event(s) fits into their schedule

Admins are now able to:

  • Fully enforce event registration when students register or purchase a course

Learn more about these updates here.


April 2021

Group Membership: Use email domain

You can now create a group, and add students to that group, based on the Email Address Domain from the student’s email address. Learn more about this feature here

Student Details Page Update

You can now review information about a student’s live event registrations from the Student Details Page on the Dashboard. The new table includes the date/time of the event, the name of the course, the name of the lesson, the student’s attendance status and the associated Order ID. Learn more about this feature here.

Stripe Receipts

Skilljar now supports Stripe-issued receipts upon purchase. When a learner makes a purchase on Skilljar using Stripe, Stripe will automatically send an email receipt to the learner's email address. Please reach out to our Customer Success team or to enable this feature for your Skilljar Organization.

Dashboard: Remove Student PII

You now have the ability to remove Personally Identifiable Information for a student from the Dashboard. Learn more about this feature here.

New Language Pack - Thai

We've added the Thai Language Pack. To learn more about adding Language Packs to your Skilljar training portal, check out our blog post for details, or contact our Account Management team.


March 2021

Universal Join Link for Live Training Lessons

In addition to our native virtual meeting integrations, such as Zoom, GoTo, Webex, users are able to add a ‘join link’ for a virtual meeting to any calendar event. When creating a live event lesson in a course, Skilljar Admins can add a ‘join link’ from their virtual meeting provider through the live event details page. Learn more about this functionality here.

Canceling a Live Training Event

You now have the ability to cancel future Live Training Events from within Skilljar. This allows the scheduled Live Event to be canceled while still maintaining the event record and details for record-keeping and reporting purposes. Learn more about this functionality here.

LinkedIn Certificate Updates

We released an update to streamline posting certificates to LinkedIn. When students select to add their issue certificate to LinkedIn, they are immediately directed to LinkedIn and the certificate details are auto-populated. Upon clicking save, the certificate is linked! You can see the student experience and configuration information here

Quiz Analytics Update

The course ID is now included in the Quiz Analytics CSV download, allowing you to identify the course in which that quiz is used, even if the name of the course changes over time. Learn more about the update here.

Sign In / Sign Up Page Update

Clicking on the header logo image on the Sign In / Sign Up page now links back to the Logo Link that you set in your domain’s theme. This allows learners to easily navigate back to your training domain or home page, if they would like to continue browsing before signing in or signing up. Learn more about where to configure this here.

TinyMCE Anchor Link Update

You can now add a TinyMCE anchor link into your course content and catalog headers. An anchor, or bookmark, button is available in your editing toolbar that inserts the anchor directly into your HTML. Learn more about the update here.


February 2021

Salesforce Integration: New Example Reports Managed Package

We have released a new Example Reports Managed Package for Salesforce. This reporting managed package for Skilljar Objects in your Salesforce instance includes example reports and report type templates to help your Salesforce team build out custom reporting in your instance of Salesforce.  Learn more about the configuration here.

Salesforce Integration: Synched Deletions

We've improved data consistency between Skilljar and Salesforce by synching deletions. Now, when VILT Session Events and VILT Sessions are deleted in Skilljar, we also delete the associated data in Salesforce. Learn more about passing data to Salesforce here and a full list of the Custom Objects and Fields we pass to Salesforce here.

Live Training Event Lesson Update

When managing your ILT event lessons, you can now filter events based on when they occur: future events, past events, or all events. You can also sort and search this table, making it easier to find the events you're looking for


January 2021

Published Course Settings: Define and Edit Slug

Admins can now change or update a published course's URL slug to align it with the course's title. This feature is helpful if you change the course title after publishing and would like the URL to correspond with the update. While this new slug will not automatically redirect from the old URL, all you have to do is reach out to Skilljar's Support Team and we will create the redirect for you! Check out this link to learn more.

Course Analytics: Search by Tag

When searching in the Course Analytics Dashboard, the returned results now include published courses with the corresponding tag. This is particularly useful for those wanting to view Course Analytics on a specific topic, for example, searching for "Beginner" would return all published courses that have been tagged as beginner content.


December 2020


Plans give you the ultimate flexibility when pricing and packaging your training, enabling you to decide exactly which courses are bundled and sold together. You can now offer customized combinations of free and paid Plans across your domain, add special offers, and adjust catalog visibility by Plan. Your students can now also search for Plans in your catalog, based on the Plan’s title, description, and/or tags. 

Learn more about Plans here.

Engagement Emails and the Course Actions Tab

Engagement Emails are customizable emails that are sent to students who have registered for a course but have not completed it. Under the newly launched Course Actions Tab, you can now also manage and customize learner messaging for Registration, Engagement, and Completion activities.



November 2020

Live Training Update - Multi Event Registration

Students can now register for multiple events in a single lesson. This is perfect for hosting regular Office Hours, recurring events, Q&A sessions and more. Learn how to configure the new setting here.

Data Connector - Paths Analytics

Paths Analytics metrics are now included in the Data Connector! This includes Path registration, completion, and progress. For more information on what data can be found in Skilljar's Data Connector, check out the Data Dictionary.

Zoom Integration - Change Instructor

Sometimes plans change and you need to update the instructor in your Zoom live training events. Skilljar now supports these updates so your student experience is uninterrupted! Learn more about changing your instructor on Zoom events here

Internet Explorer - Admin Dashboard

Internet Explorer is no longer supported for users of the Admin Dashboard. Find out more here.


October 2020

Live Training Update - Attendees column in Live Training Section

The number of event attendees are now surfaced on the main Live Training event page in the Admin Dashboard and in CSV exports.

Zoom Passcode Support

Skilljar's Zoom integration now supports Zoom's password and waiting room requirements. Learn more about the updates here

Default Theme Update - White Background

Skilljar's default theme now uses a white background on Catalog Pages. Previously, it used a gray background. 

Path Updates - Unlisted Learning Paths

We've expanded the ways that you can share content with the introduction of Unlisted Learning Paths. Learners can access published Learning Paths via direct link regardless of whether they have been published on a Catalog Page.

Global and Local Search on Catalog Pages

Finding content on Skilljar just got easier! Search on Catalog Pages can now be configured to be Global or Local! This means that on any Catalog Page's Search function, you can surface results that are just on that page, or choose to surface results from your entire course library. Learn more about enabling Search on Catalog Pages here

Salesforce Integration Update

We're improving data consistency between Skilljar and Salesforce by syncing deletions. Now, when objects like courses or lessons are deleted in Skilljar, we also delete the associated data in Salesforce. Learn more about passing data to Salesforce here. 


September 2020

Path Analytics

You can now track learner progress across a series of courses! We've also changed the name of Course Series to Learning Paths to make way for future changes. Check out our post on the Skilljar Community to learn more about the changes and review the new analytics here

Credly Acclaim Integration

Skilljar now integrates with Credly's Acclaim platform! Students can earn a Credly badge by completing a course in Skilljar. They can then immediately view the badge in their student profile from within Skilljar. Learn more about the new integration here.

SVG Image Uploads

SVG files are now an accepted file type for Course Promo Images, Learning Path Promo Images and Catalog Page Tile Images. SVGs load faster and scale better. Stay tuned for more SVG compatibility in the future.


August 2020

Manage Students - Email Settings for Student Enrollments

With our new setting in the Manage Students section of the Dashboard, you can now register students for a domain without sending them an invitation email. This is particularly helpful when students are using SSO to sign into your learning portal. You can learn more about Managing Students and adding them to your domain here


We've extended our support for SAML SSO to include support for more identity providers. Skilljar can now support unsigned assertions. 


July 2020

Quiz Analytics Update - Pass/Fail Status in Analytics Table

A new column is now available in Quiz Analytics. The column denotes Pass/Fail status of the quiz based on the passing criteria you've selected. Navigate to your Quiz Analytics and select any quiz to view the new field. 

SCORM Analytics Update - Results Field in Student Export 

There's a new SCORM Results field on CSV downloads - We've improved our CSV exports for SCORM analytics by adding a Results field to the Student Export. Navigate to SCORM Analytics, select a SCORM lesson and export the Students table to see the new field.

Purchase Flow Updates

As we lay the groundwork for future updates with our eCommerce functionality, we've updated our purchase flow for students in situations where 'Enforce ILT event registration' is selected. To learn more about these changes, please contact our Customer Success team. 

Text Editor Updates

We've updated our text editor in the Dashboard to improve your content creation experience. Create a new text lesson to see the updated look and feel. 

TSL 1.1 Deprecated

TLS 1.1 and lower are no longer supported for requests to Skilljar API endpoint.

Accessibility Update - Back Buttons

In our ongoing effort to maintain accessibility, Skilljar's new back buttons can now be read by screen readers.

GoToWebinar Integration Update

We've made an update to our GoToWebinar integration to improve your experience. By default, the audio setting in GTM will now be set to VoIP.

SVG Image Uploads

SVG files are now an accepted file type for the Theme/Catalog Header Logos images. SVGs load faster and scale better. Stay tuned for more SVG compatibility in the future.

API Update - Anonymizing Data

In an effort to help automate GDPR compliance, we've created an API endpoint that anonymizes PII (Personally Identifiable Information) by scrubbing email addresses and names. Check out the new endpoint on our API documentation. 


June 2020

Data Connector Update - Catalog Pages

The Data Connector has been updated to include Catalog Pages. Customers with access to the Data Connector will see that data about their Catalog Pages and student group visibility of their Pages is now available. The updated tables can be reviewed in the Skilljar Data Dictionary

Security Update - HSTS Headers in HTTPS Responses

We've added strict-transport-security response headers, which lets your domain tell browsers to always go to the secure HTTPS version of your URL, instead of using HTTP. These header increases the security of your data transactions.

Asset Page Filters

We've added a 'Used in Course' filter to the Assets page, so you can easily narrow down your view to assets used in courses. 

Calendar Localization

The Live Training Calendar view can now be completely localized to serve your global audience. You can customize the text strings for any language packs you have access to. 

Improved Navigation - Back Arrows

We've improved student navigation by adding back buttons across the student experience. Prior to this update, Course Series included back buttons to help students navigate to and from both series and courses within those series. We have added back buttons to Catalog Pages and standalone published courses that look and function in a similar way.

Global Search

With the launch of Catalog Pages, we've extended our search capabilities to expand across the entirety of your published and visible courses, no matter where they can be found on your Catalog. Learn more about enabling search and adding keywords to your courses. 

Default Home Pages

Default Home Pages give you the power to define which Catalog Page your students land on when they first enter your training portal. Each of these landing pages can be customized to reflect the look-and-feel you want for each audience. Learn more in this lesson or view our help article

Catalog Pages

We're excited to launch a big change to the Skilljar publishing experience. Catalog Pages give you complete flexibility to group different types of learning objects together on individual pages. Then, you can nest your pages to create the perfect browsing experience for your learners. Take our on-demand training here, or view our help article

Typeform Integration

Users of Typeform can now embed Typeform surveys and forms into their Skilljar lessons via our Typeform integration. You can also choose to enrich your data by passing a number of Skilljar student and course variables through to Typeform. Learn more here

New Webhook - Lesson Completion

We've added a new webhook for lesson completion! This addition allows you to get more granular data on lesson-level student activity, so you can trigger emails or track student engagement using our Webhooks API. Learn more here


May 2020

OpenID Connect

Skilljar has expanded our single sign on capabilities by adding the OpenID Connect standard to our collection of identity providers. To configure SSO with OpenID Connect, check out our help article. 

WebEx Training Integration - Expanded Seat Limits to 1000

The registration limits on WebEx Training have been expanded from 500 to 1000 so can accommodate your growing audience. 

SCORM 1.2 Analytics Update

Any SCORM 1.2 Analytics data will be available in the SCORM section of Skilljar Analytics, regardless of whether the SCORM package is currently being used in a lesson. This way, as you update your content assets, you can retain any data from previously used SCORM lessons. 


April 2020

Live Training - Disable Automatic Lesson Completion Option

Live Training Lessons now have the option to disable automatic completion. With this option enabled, a lesson can be marked complete manually by an Admin, or via an API call.  

CSV Download for Course Management

We've added a CSV download option to the Course Management section of the Dashboard, so you can easily audit all of your courses. 

Admin Experience Update - Live Training Roster

Student names in the live training roster now link directly to the Student profile. You can now easily reference a student's complete transcript directly from your roster, making it quick and easy to hop back and forth to review learner information. 

Customized Email Notifications for Course Completions

You can now create custom email templates and language to send to your students when they complete a course. Each course can be associated with a different template so you can share relevant recommendations and drive the appropriate next steps. What’s more, you can now have a specific template for when a student fails a course, giving you the power to encourage more learning or prompt a retake of a test. To learn how to customize your email notifications for course completions, check out our help article.


March 2020


Skilljar's integration with GoToWebcast allows you to easily expand your training program, all while maintaining one consistent location for registration, learning and data capture in Skilljar. GoToWebcast has higher audience limits than GoToWebinar, so you can reach more of your learners at once, and seamlessly stream video, and launch the webcast right in the web browser. Learn more about our integrations with GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining and GoToWebcast here.

Canonical Tags

Skilljar has added canonical tags to all course detail/curriculum pages. Canonical tags serve as the source of truth for search engines when indexing content and improve the SEO of your courses. They're now automatically added to your courses to avoid duplication confusion, and make it even easier for your customers to find and access your content.  


February 2020

Course Short Description - Character Limit Increase

The character limit on course short descriptions has been increased from 300 to 500 characters to accommodate more text. Short descriptions appear below the course title on the course detail page, and are indexed in Skilljar's search. They can be edited in Course Settings. 

Email Branding

Email branding has arrived, and your Skilljar learner emails can now match your brand logo and colors! You can add your company logo and change the background color of your emails right in the Theming section of the Dashboard. Need help? Learn how to brand your Skilljar emails here.

Webex SSO

Skilljar's Webex integration now supports SSO authentication of your Webex account. This change is a more stable authentication method for adding individual instructors or administrators. To configure your Webex integration and learn more about authenticating your account, check out our help documentation

Line Breaks Supported in Custom Text/Languages

You can now add line breaks <br> to style your custom text in the Languages pane. Learn about what other HTML tags we support in custom text here.  


MXN Currency Update

Mexican pesos are now denoted as MXN on the learner purchase page. Previously, they were denoted as MX. Learn more about setting up offers in specific currency codes here


Replace Promo Videos

Promo videos for courses will now be added to your asset library, so you can easily replace them like any other content asset. Learn how to manage content assets here


Robots.txt Editing for SEO

You can now further customize the SEO of your training portal by editing your robots.txt file. This gives you the power to disallow elements of your training program from being crawled by search engines. You can also decide which crawlers can crawl specific pages. To customize your robots.txt file, contact your Customer Success Manager or


Search Keywords

We just made content discovery more powerful with the launch of Search Keywords! Now, you can add keywords to any lesson or course, and the content will appear for learners when they type a keyword in their search bar. Search Keywords will also be available via API, so you can add them to search results that you're using on an external system. Unlike many other searchable terms, like titles or summaries, these keywords won't be visible on the lessons and courses themselves. Learn how to add Search Keywords here


January 2020

Quiz Time Limits

Raise the bar on your assessments by setting time limits on any quizzes you publish! When you set a time limit, your learners will see the clock on the side of their screen so they know exactly how much time they have left. At the end of the allotted time, their quiz will automatically be submitted. Learn how to add a time limit to a quiz.


Automatic Quiz Question Feedback

Uplevel your learners' knowledge by creating feedback for correct and incorrect answers on each quiz. Upon completion of the quiz, you can automatically surface your feedback to students on the question level. Learn more about automating quiz question feedback here. 


Live Training Integration Support: Cancellation Emails to Instructors 

Last month, we announced that Live Training instructor emails now include student cancellations for native calendar events. This feature now supports WebEx, GoTo and Zoom integrations! With this update, when instructor emails are enabled in live training sessions, the instructor for an event session will receive an email when a student cancels their registration. Learn more about Live Training Management. 


December 2019

Transfer a Course Purchase 

When setting up eCommerce purchasing for a single course, you can now allow for the option to transfer a purchase to someone else. This allows your customers to buy a course and transfer the access link to the intended learner, without registering for the course themselves. To activate this purchasing flow, reach out to Skilljar Support

Themed Link Colors in Text Lessons

All links in text lessons are now set to correspond with the link color you've chosen in Theming. Learn more about customizing your brand themes here

Enhanced Group Automation

Groups are incredibly powerful for determining content visibility and segmenting your training data. Skilljar just made significant enhancements to how students can be assigned to groups using sign up field rules. Now, you can set group membership based on several unique sign up fields. Learn more about how student group assignment just got a whole lot better here! 

Live Training: Cancellation Emails to Instructors

Live Training instructor emails now include student cancellations for native calendar events. With this update, when instructor emails are enabled in live training sessions, the instructor for an event session will receive an email when a student cancels their registration. Learn more about Live Training Management. 

Intercom Integration: Identity Verification

Customers that integrate Skilljar with Intercom have the option to strengthen the security of their Intercom integration by passing more stringent identity variables to Intercom for identity verification. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information. 

Customized Email Notifications: Live Training Registration

We're excited to announce new email customization for live training registration emails! With this update, you can create email templates with custom variables and styles. Learn how to create your own templates for your live training notification emails here.

November 2019

Copy URLs for Courses and Course Series

Deep links to courses and course series are essential for helping your customers find exactly what they're looking for. Now you can easily copy URLs for both right from Domains and Publishing.


Published Course ID Export

Data imports are easier now that you can export Published Course IDs to a CSV for simple look ups.

Redirect SCORM files on completion

This new setting for SCORM files allows you to dictate course behavior upon completion of a SCORM file. Learn more about SCORM lesson completion settings here.


October 2019

Course Series Tagging

Apply tags to Course Series, just like you've been doing for courses and events. Tags help your students discover what they need to learn with simple filtering, and help admins organize their course offering. Learn more about Course Series Tags here.

Course Series Access and Visibility

Catalog visibility and access now extends to Course Series! We've made it possible to easily surface or hide a series to students based on group membership. Find out more here.

Updated Course Publishing Workflows

We’re improving the catalog administration experience, adding functionality and laying the foundation for exciting new features that are coming soon. As a result, some of your workflows may change, and we want to help you navigate these changes. Check out our community post for more information.


September 2019

Training Report Email

Get insights about your training domain delivered directly to your inbox with Skilljar's new training report. Each admin can opt in to the report for his/her training domains to receive information about top courses, completion rates, session time and more. Reports are sent on the first of each month. Learn more here

Data Connector - Published Course Visibility

The Data Connector can now report on whether a published course is visible to all students by default. This allows for filtering based on course visibility. 

Course Series Management - CSV Download

You can now download a CSV report that includes all course series information for each domain. This includes Course Series name, Course Series URL, Price, Published Courses (URL of any published course the series includes and the Domain URL. Find this on the new Course Series tab in Catalog Settings. 

Course Series Settings - Dashboard Update

We're making room for some exciting developments with Course Series! Course Series settings have a new home in Catalog Settings. Check out the new tab by editing the Catalog settings for any domain. This is where you can create, edit or delete any Course Series.

Content Manager Permissions Update

We've made some changes to Dashboard user permissions to give you more control over asset management. Now, Content Managers can only make changes to an asset when an admin has granted them permission to do so. Previously, Content Managers could edit any asset in a course they had editing privileges for. You can learn more about all of our Dashboard user roles here.

Stripe Update for SCA

Our Stripe integration has been updated to comply with the new Strong Customer Authentication regulations. 


August 2019

Live Training - Enforce Event Registration

We've made it a lot more intuitive for students to register for live training events when they register/ purchase a course. By default, students will be asked to select their event sessions in order to complete their registration. Learn more here

Content Distribution Update

We’ve optimized how SCORM content is delivered so that more content is now served from Content Distribution Network endpoints around the world - decreasing the time it takes for students to access the content.


July 2019

Data Connector - Channel on Access Code Pools

The Data Connector can now report on the channel that was used to create an access code pool. These include API, Dashboard, Import or e-Commerce.

Data Connector - Start and End Dates on Access Codes/Pools

The Data Connector can now report on the times that an access code or access code pool becomes active and ceases to be active. 


June 2019

Analytics - Quizzes with ungraded responses

Easily view and export ungraded freeform quiz responses directly from Analytics. Quizzes that are submitted (but not graded) are now available in the Analytics Quizzes table. 

Dashboard SSO Update - Invite New Users

When inviting new dashboard users, you can select whether the new user uses SSO or a manually set password to access the dashboard. This only applies to organizations with SSO enabled on the dashboard.

New Embedded Lesson Service - Interact Quizzes

We've added Interact quizzes to our selection of embedded services in Video, PDF, Audio and Embed Lessons. To add a quiz, navigate to Course Management. To learn more about embedding services into your lessons, check out our help article.


May 2019

Dashboard Refresh

We're pleased to bring you a new and improved Admin Dashboard experience. We've updated the look and feel, improved navigation, and made way for future enhancements. Learn more about the changes in Skilljar Academy.

Group Visibility and Access to Courses

You now have better control over whether to hide or show courses to specific groups on the course catalog. This includes the ability to blacklist or whitelist groups from specific courses, so you can easily gate access to training content. Learn more here.

Live Training Event Tags

Make it easier for your students to discover live training events on the Event Calendar page with Event Tags. You can add tags to event sessions, create calendar filter groups, and surface filters on the Event Calendar to help surface your live training events. Learn more here.

Manage Students: Provisioning access for deactivated students 

It's now easier to re-invite students who you have previously removed from your restricted access domain.  

New Language Pack - Russian

We've added the Russian Language Pack. To learn more about adding Language Packs to your Skilljar training portal, check out our blog post for details, or contact our Account Management team.

Quiz Question Numbers  

We've labeled quiz questions with easy to read numbers so that you can easily keep track of your questions when creating or editing quizzes. Learn more about creating a quiz here.


April 2019

Live Training Location Management

Live training events now include convenient location management. This update allows you to standardize a list of training locations in a drop down menu, prevents you from double booking a location and triggers emails to students and instructors if the location of an event changes. Details of this update can be found here.

Manage Students - Add to Groups

You can now add students to groups directly from the Manage Students page. This includes adding students from an existing group into a new group. This new functionality is ideal for saving time while grouping students and adding new students into the system. Learn more here.

Updated Announcements Email Theme

We've updated the style of the Announcements email to match the look of all other platform emails that students receive.


March 2019

SSO for Dashboard Login

You can now enable SAML 2.0 Single Sign On for logging in to the Skilljar Dashboard. This is ideal for teams with IT requirements around business logins and user management. For more information and configuration, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

Create Date in Course Management View

Course Management now surfaces Create date for all courses, so you can sort courses and more efficiently manage your content.

API Update - Email Invitations

When inviting new users to your training domain via Skilljar's API, you can now control whether a Skilljar email invitation is sent. This option is great for teams leveraging our Marketing Automation integrations for custom email needs.


February 2019

JavaScript field for Success Status

Skilljar now allows you to specify whether a student has passed or failed a course upon completion via JavaScript. This is helpful for integrations that rely on JavaScript for conversion information, such as marketing automation platform integrations. Learn more here.

Failed Lesson Icon

We've improved how students track their progress in courses. Now, if a student has failed a lesson, they will see an 'x' icon on the curriculum page.

Instructor Pick List for Live Training

Adding events to your live training schedule just got easier. Now, when you add an instructor to a live training event, you'll be able to reuse them from a pick list in the future. Learn more about how to get started with live training here.


January 2019

Group Access to Courses

We've streamlined the process for Admins making courses visible to specific groups. Now you can grant groups access to courses directly from group settings. Learn more here.  

Course Management Domain Filters

Check out Course Management on your Skilljar Dashboard to view our new domain filters. You can now easily find whichever courses you're looking for based on the domain that they're published on.

SSO with Disqus

Make it easier for students to engage with your content thanks to single sign on with Disqus. Students are now logged in quickly using their Skilljar credentials. Learn more here.  

Nintex Forms

We've added Nintex forms to our selection of embedded services in Video, PDF, Audio and Embed Lessons. To add a form, navigate to Course Management. To learn more about embedding services into your lessons, check out our help article.

Data Connector Update - Catalog Visibility

Skilljar's Data Connector now surfaces whether a published course is visible on the course catalog.

WebEx Integration - Multiple Instructors

The WebEx integration now supports multiple instructors. You can easily schedule virtual live training sessions with any of the instructors in your account. To adjust your integration settings, check out our help article.


December 2018

Student Self Re-Enrollment

When students fail a course and want to retake it, you may have a need to require they re-enroll in the course first. You can now opt to allow self re-enrollment for students who failed their first attempt. Check out our help article to learn how to activate this setting.

Completion Status on Course Failure

If a student completes a course, but doesn't achieve a passing score, you can now count the course as complete and record the status as failed. When paired with self re-enrollment, students can immediately enroll in the course again in order to pass it. Learn more here.

Custom Receipt Templates

Need to send custom receipts to your customers upon purchase of a course? We can now create custom receipt templates within Skilljar, that can be downloaded from the order reports detail page. Contact if you'd like to set up a template for your organization.

New Language Pack - Polish

We've released a new Language Pack - Polish. To learn more about adding Language Packs to your Skilljar training portal, check out our blog post for details, or contact our Account Management team.

Optional Lessons

Optional lessons are lessons in courses that don't count toward course completion. Use them for surveys, knowledge checks or anything else you choose. Want to learn more? Check out our new QuickTips Video on Skilljar Academy or read our help article for more FAQs.

Data Connector Update - Optional Lessons

The Data Connector has been updated to reflect the new Optional Lessons launch. All optional lessons will be flagged in your data.

API Update - Required Lesson Progress

The Skilljar API was updated to reflect course progress on required lessons. Now, the API returns information on course progress overall, and course progress on required lessons.


November 2018

New Language Packs - Korean and Norwegian

We've released two new Language Packs - Norwegian and Korean. To learn more about adding Language Packs to your Skilljar training portal, check out our blog post for details, or contact our Account Management team.

Resume Button

It's never been easier for students to pick up a course right where they left off. Courses that are in progress now have a Resume Button on the Curriculum page that takes your student directly to the last lesson they viewed in a course.

Video Playback Speed Controls

Native video now has speed adjustments for viewers! When students are viewing a video lesson with a video uploaded directly in Skilljar, they can choose to watch at speeds up to 2x. Check it out on any video lesson.

Theming Controls

Admins can add new themes to their Skilljar Account on their own right from the Theming section of their Dashboard. They can then apply their different themes to their domains.


October 2018

Zoom Integration for Live Training

With Skilljar’s new Zoom integration, both your students and training team will have a unified, seamless experience with virtual instructor-led training events hosted on Zoom. Students will enjoy the benefit of registering for and launching events directly from Skilljar, and Admins can create and manage events directly in Skilljar. Check out our help article to get started.

New Language Pack - Chinese (Simplified)

We've released a new Language Pack - Chinese (Simplified). To learn more about adding Language Packs to your Skilljar training portal, check out our blog post for details, or contact our Account Management team.

Languages Tab

Want to easily change a word or two on your Skilljar training site? Our new Language Tab allows you to fully customize the text on your user interface across all your domains. For customers with Language Packs enabled, you'll see options to edit the translation for each language. Take a look at our help article for more information.


September 2018

Language Packs

We're excited to announce that we've launched Language Packs! With Language Packs, students can navigate your training portal in their language of choice. Interested in learning more and adding Language Packs to your Skilljar training portal? Check out our blog post for details, or contact our Account Management team.


August 2018

Data Connector Updates

Our Data Connector has a few new data updates. The following data fields can now be found: Promo code pool active status, Promo code pool starts at and expires at date, Course issues certificate upon completion - yes/no status. Learn more about Skilljar's Data Connector.

Search for ILT Creation Fields

When you're creating a new ILT event as a Dashboard Admin, you can now leverage search to quickly find timezones and instructor names.

Quiz Setting - Show Results on Failure

You can now surface quiz results to students when they fail a quiz. Students can see the answer they submitted and whether their answers are correct or incorrect. This setting is optional and can be found in the Quiz Management.

New Quiz Question Type - Free Form Response

Free form response questions allow you to collect more extensive information from your students. You can then opt to manually grade the response, or automatically mark it as correct for survey or feedback requests. Hop into Quiz Management to add a free form response question to your quizzes, or take a moment to get step-by-step instructions for creating or grading quizzes.

Bookmarked Reporting

Save any filter set on Analytics by simply bookmarking the link! Choose to filter by domain and time frame. Check out last week's course registrations with one click here. You'll also notice some visual improvements to our Summary Analytics.

Analytics Updates - Date and Domain filters

Filter the Summary, Students, Courses and Enrollments tabs in Analytics with our new domain and date filters, then bookmark the link and share it with other Skilljar Admins so they can easily reference reports. Check out last week's course registrations with one click here.


July 2018

Order Report - New Date Filters

New date-based filters are available in Order Reports. Now you can bookmark date ranges, such as last month or last week, and distribute links for regular reporting and review.  

Text Lessons - Font Updates

Additional font sizes are now available in the text editor on any text lessons.

Video Progress - YouTube Support

Video progress will now be supported for YouTube videos, so students can pick up a video right where they left off when they return to a lesson. This is in addition to a previous update that supported videos uploaded directly to Skilljar and those embedded from Wistia.


June 2018

Access Control - Course Manager Role

Have you ever wished you could give someone access to edit or manage one or two of your courses? Now, you can create Content Managers and grant access to specific courses, without other admin privileges. Click here for instructions on managing users or hop right in and add a new Content Manager.

Course Bundles - Default Course Enrollment

We've made an update to the default course enrollment behavior in Course Bundles. If a student has already enrolled in a stand-alone course that is included in a Course Bundle, that enrollment will be applied to the course within the Course Bundle. Learn more about Course Bundles here.

Quiz Management

Quizzes now have their own home on the Dashboard. The new Quiz Management tab makes it quick and easy to update, clone and manage your quizzes. Learn more here.

Access Control - Content Admin Role

Now, you can configure roles for Dashboard users and assign access to different areas of Skilljar. Our first release is the Content Admin role. Click here for instructions or hop right in and add a new user.

Embedded Lessons - Link Autodetect

If you embed content in your lessons, you're probably used to selecting the source as you paste in the link. With this update, Skilljar will autodetect what link you're embedding.


May 2018

Video Progress

Video progress will now be saved for learners in your Skilljar training portal, so they can pick up a video right where they left off. This update applies to videos uploaded directly into Skilljar, and those embedded through Wistia.

Zendesk Integration

Skilljar's new Zendesk App allows your support team to quickly view customer training activity in Skilljar right on the Zendesk ticket sidebar. Learn more and install the app!

Order Report - Domain Filters

Order reports on the Skilljar Dashboard now have domain filters, so you can easily analyze orders on one or more domains.

Merging Users

Have one student with two logins? Admins can now merge the two records using our self-service merge feature in the Students section of the Dashboard. Follow the step-by-step instructions here to get started.

Tag Management

Tags are a powerful way to organize your courses for your learners and fellow Skilljar admins. Our new Tag Management feature makes them easier to create, update and manage. Find the Tags tab in Domains and Publishing, and learn more here.


April 2018

Salesforce App Update - Course Series

We've added a Course Series Object to the Skilljar Salesforce App. This update makes it possible to report on student progress within a series and link data around course progress to a Course Series. Update to the latest version of the Skilljar Salesforce App here.

Checkout Quantity Limits

You can now enable larger bulk purchases of courses and domain subscriptions. Skilljar Admins can determine their own limit for maximum course/domain access purchase quantity, or opt to continue using our traditional default quantity of 30.

API Update - Promo Codes

Create, edit, update and delete Promo Code Pools and Promo Codes with the Skilljar API. Check out the updates here.


March 2018

Purchase Webhook

We've added a webhook for purchases, so you can easily configure purchase notifications wherever it's convenient for you. Check out our webhooks here.

Promo Code Update

It's now easier than ever to add a new course to existing promo codes! When publishing a course, easily apply it to any promo code with our recent update. Find out how.

Require Video Completion for Lesson Completion

To improve your understanding of student behavior, and require video or audio completion, we've introduced a new setting to require that a video or audio file be viewed/heard to completion for the lesson to be considered completed. Learn how to activate this feature here.

Advanced Filtering on Course Series

We've expanded our advanced filtering functionality to course series, so you can improve discoverability of coursework for students. Filter groups can now be applied on your catalog or within a course series. Learn more here.

API Update - User Groups

You can now retrieve user group data using Skilljar's API. View our updated documentation here.

Lesson Description Tooltips

Provide students with more information about your coursework by including customized tooltip descriptions on lesson descriptions. Check out the feature and learn how to implement it here.

Course & Lesson Duration

Surface course duration on course tiles and in course descriptions, so students have a better understanding of the time commitment needed to complete a course. Course duration can be automatically calculated based on student history in your course, or you can manually provide an estimate. Find out how.

Course Management Interface Update

To make it easier and faster to find and edit courses, we've eliminated the tile view from our Course Management viewing options.

Domains & Publishing Interface Update

Find what you're looking for faster - When you have several active domains, you'll notice that published course lists associated with each domain are now collapsible in Domains & Publishing.


February 2018

Course Recommendations

Course recommendations are live and ready to improve student course discovery! Leverage this advanced course series option to make course recommendations available for students. Course recommendations will be formulated based on popular courses on the domain and history of the individual student. Create your own here.

Course Progress Bar

It's even easier for students to see how far they've advanced in your courses, right from your curriculum page. Our course progress bar is a visual representation of the percent of a course completed.

SCORM Update - Hiding Completed Content

Whether students are taking exams in a SCORM module, or you just want to make sure the content is only surfaced once, you can now opt to hide it after first completion. To activate this option and surface a custom message in place of the content, check out our help article.

Confirmation Email Update

Skilljar purchase confirmation emails now contain access expiration dates for applicable purchases.  Learn more about course expiration dates here.


January 2018

Live Training Events Calendar Updates

The live training events calendar recently had some updates to make it easier for your students to register for live events. Updates include multiple view options, a time zone drop down menu and improved flexibility. Get started with your calendar here.

Randomized Quiz Answers

We've been busy improving the quiz experience to make your quizzes different each time a student views them. Now, you can opt to randomize quiz answers for multiple choice questions. Learn more about building quizzes here.

Advanced Filtering

Advanced filtering is here! Make your courses more discoverable to your students by layering different tags under Filter Groups, surfacing categories and allowing students to home in on exactly what they're looking for. Learn how here.

Course Re-Enrollments

Our re-enrollment feature allows students to take the same course again, while surfacing multiple records to the student and in enrollment analytics. Learn how to activate re-enrollments here.


December 2017

API Updates - Live Training

Retrieve information about Instructor-Led Training or register students, all via our API. Check out the updated documentation.

Text Lesson Updates

Improve your text lessons with more custom formatting! Add a table or leverage the other built-in options to author lessons right within Skilljar.

New Course Management View

The Course Management section of the Dashboard is now optimized for better search and easier Admin access. We now surface domains for each course as well. Check out the new view here.

Randomized Quiz Questions & Question Banks

Quizzes can now have randomized questions! Improve the quality of your assessments by opting to have your quiz questions appear in a random order. Learn more about Quizzing here.

Group Edit Page Updates

In an effort to streamline your group editing process, we've improved the interface on this page. Check out the Groups section and have a look.  

Live Training Events Calendar

If your training program has a live/instructor led training component, leverage the new calendar view to surface this to students. Get started here.


November 2017

SCORM Completion Across Courses

Student progress is even easier to track with SCORM completion syncing across courses. If you have the same SCORM file in multiple courses, start syncing progress here.

Asset and Video Updates

Have an update to a video or other content asset? We've made it easier to quickly make a change and propagate it across all lessons where that video is served. Learn about asset management.

Lesson Slide-Out Menu

Improve your course navigation - display your lesson slide-out menu on courses by default using our new option in Theming. Get started here.

Registration and Access Start and End Dates

Want to restrict access to course registration, or set a start and end date for the course as a whole? Automate it with our new start and end date option. Find out how.

API Update - Published Courses

Published courses are now available via the Skilljar API, so you can surface courses in search results wherever your customers are looking for content.

Record Multiple SCORM attempts

Store data and track progress when students attempt your SCORM lesson multiple times. Activate this feature in the Lesson Settings for any SCORM lesson.

Enrollments Table Update - Tag Data

We're deepening our capabilities around course analysis with added tag data in the Enrollments Table of the Analytics section.

Course Tile Display - Registered and Completed Courses

Want courses that students registered for on the top of the course catalog, and completed courses to drop to the bottom? We can help with that! Email us at to activate this new display option.

Google Form Integration Updates

Pass info like student name, email, and lesson and course titles through to your Google form with our enhanced integration. Learn more here.


October 2017

Quiz Question Types - Multiple Answer Multiple Choice

We've brought more options to our quizzing feature to help you build better assessments. Now, our quizzes include multiple answer multiple choice questions. Learn more about it here.

Search Box Placement

Want to move your training portal's search box to the header or prefer to keep it in the left nav? Now it's easier than ever! Learn how to move your search box.

External Payment Processor Support

You can now configure any external payment gateway to process e-commerce transactions for the courses, bundles, or subscriptions you sell. Find out how.

Live Training - Limit Checkout Quantity

Limit the number of seats that can be purchased for live training by setting a maximum and restricting purchase quantities to available seats. Learn more here.

API Update - Send Users Domain Invites

If you're registering students to your domain, why not speed things up by sending them an email invitation using our new API endpoint? Check out our API documentation here.

API Update - Course Summary and Descriptions

Grab your course summaries and descriptions via API. Use them to enable search capabilities across your training ecosystem, or create an external catalog. Check out our API documentation here.

BI Connector Updates - Course Series, Tags, Purchasing and Payments

We've added even more data to our BI Connector. Now you can review prices, promotions and purchases, as well as course series and tag data. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

SurveyMonkey Integration Update - Custom URLs

Skilljar's improved SurveyMonkey integration now supports custom URLs, which allow you to create different versions of the same survey. Get started with the integration here.

File Search in Lesson Builder

Creating courses just got faster with file search for Skilljar admins. Find any existing asset when building a lesson, and add it to your course in no time.

Live Training - Automatic Enrollment

Improve your student experience by automatically enrolling students in live training when courses have only one event time. Get started with live training here.

Unpublished Courses on Student Profiles

Maintain student records on courses that you've unpublished by keeping them on their profiles. Contact us to learn more and activate this feature.

Course Notification Emails Off by Default

Tired of manually deactivating course notification emails? Contact us to turn them off by default for your account.

Password Resets

Reset and update student passwords in a snap to quickly alleviate student requests. Learn how here.

Kaltura Integration

Videos hosted on Kaltura can now be embedded into Skilljar lessons. Learn how here.

Display Course Time

Surface the amount of time that it takes to complete a course to students on the course tile. Find this option in your course settings.  

Course Series Navigation

Skilljar now provides improved navigation in course series, so students can return to a course series after opening one of the courses within it.

Increased Title Length

Courses, lessons and course series can now have titles up to 500 characters in length.

Full Screen Lesson View

Display all lesson types in full screen by default. Learn how here.

Course Tile Ribbon Customization

Customize your course tile ribbons to display success status and reflect if a student passed or failed. Learn how here.


September 2017

Available Seats for ILT Lessons

Let your students know how much space is available for each ILT course you're offering. Skilljar now surfaces this number on the course page if you choose to show the schedule of live training events on the course detail page.

SCORM Asset Tab

Easily view and update your SCORM content with our new tab in Course Management.

Brightcove Integration

Enjoy more flexibility in uploading video content with our Brightcove integration. Embed any Brightcove video into your Skilljar course.


August 2017

Group Enrollment

Gone are the days of enrolling students in courses one by one. Now you can enroll full groups of students into courses at once. Learn more about our student management functionality and start enrolling students in courses with this help article.

Qualtrics Integration

We're now offering more ways to collect feedback and administer surveys to your students. Qualtrics surveys can be embedded in any Skilljar course using our embed lesson types. Learn how to embed a Qualtrics survey here.

Theme Management

Have several domains? Or maybe you're working on some changes to the look and feel of your training portal, but want to wait until you're done with the finishing touches before flipping the switch? You can now create and manage multiple themes! Request multiple themes and read all about the new feature here.

Certificates: Now with Open Sans

We've added a new font to our certificate templates. Now you can opt to use Open Sans in any certificate template in Skilljar. Learn more about how to customize your certificates.


July 2017

Course Bundles

Course Bundles allow you to price and sell a series of courses together, providing a guided learning experience and even more pricing and packaging options! They also enable an expedited registration experience for students, providing one-click registration to all courses in the bundle. Learn more and start selling Course Bundles with this help article.

Vidyard Embedded Videos

We're continuously improving how you add and manage content in Skilljar, so we've added Vidyard videos to our list of embedded content. Learn more about embedding content into lessons.

SCORM Editing

Have changes to make on a SCORM file? We've made it easy to make changes across all lessons where a SCORM file is used. Just reupload your file and the changes will propagate across the board. Learn how.

Live Training Student Instructions

Want to give students guidance after they've registered for your live training event? Provide instructions easily by following these instructions.

Course Series Views

Customize the look and feel of your catalog even further. Now, courses within a course series can be displayed in the traditional tile view, or list view. Learn more about course series here.

Promo Codes - Domain and Course Bundles

With every new training sale comes an opportunity to provide flexible pricing to your students! Promo codes can now be configured for domain access codes and course bundles, in addition to individual courses. Learn more here.


June 2017

New Salesforce Application

We've revamped and updated our Salesforce app to include more data than ever before. In addition to contact information and course progress, you can now leverage our integration to close the loop on business questions related to customer health and revenue retention. Our new app automatically surfaces complete purchasing and promotional information, live training attendance, student segmentation and more! Email us for more information.

Changes to Disqus Integration

We've made it easier to manage discussions around your training content. On any new courses you create, Disqus will now be off by default. You'll have the option to turn it on for any lesson you want students to discuss. For more details, check out our help article.

Student Details on Certificates

Certificates are now even more customizable. You can choose to automatically add any information from registration sign up fields to a certificate.

Promo Code Engine Updates

We're excited to announce some new updates to our Promo Code creation engine! We've streamlined the way you create promo codes in Skilljar, and added some new functionality. Now you can limit each promo code to one use per student. Learn how here.


May 2017

Reply-to Email Address Customization

You can now designate a separate reply-to email address for emails sent from your Skilljar account, such as notifications. Learn how here.


April 2017

LinkedIn Certificate Updates

We released an update to help streamline posting certificates to LinkedIn following the changes to the LinkedIn UI. Students can now easily copy and paste the information upon receiving the certificate, and we surface detailed instructions upon clicking the Post to LinkedIn button. You can see the student experience and configuration information here.

Payment Gateway Integrations - Merchant eSolutions, CyberSource, Payflow Pro

Introducing new ways to collect payments with Skilljar. We now integrate with Merchant eSolutions, CyberSource and Payflow Pro! Integrations with new payment gateways simplify your collection processes and allow your company to collect payments with your existing systems.

SCORM Lessons - Adjustable Display Size

Improve your user experience on SCORM lessons with adjustable display sizes. In cases where SCORM content is hard coded to a certain height and width, you can define the SCORM display size according to the same parameters. Learn how here.


March 2017

Convenient Asset Management

Our new Asset tab in Course Management allows you to easily review the collection of materials that have been uploaded into Skilljar. Click edit to easily adjust file names, preview the asset, and see which courses are using it.

Improvements to Live Training

We've made a few updates to the live training experience.

  • Students can easily edit their registration and navigate straight to live training from their email confirmation and calendar invites. Links directly to the live training lessons will now be included.
  • Live Training Lessons using integrations with WebEx and GoTo products will have a Ready button that becomes available when it is time to join an event.

Integrations: GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining

Users of the GoTo suite of products can improve and simplify the live training experience for their instructors and students thanks to Skilljar's new integration. Learn more about the integration and get started here.

SCORM Lessons - Maximized Display

Students can now maximize their display on SCORM lessons, and administrators can choose to activate this mode by default. Learn how here.


February 2017

Course Series

Our new Course Series feature allows you to bundle courses within your catalog and surface them together to students. It's perfect for grouping courses by level, theme, or customer persona. Learn more about configuring Course Series here.

Quiz Data Export

Customers can now export quiz analytics data via CSV. Navigate to Quiz Analytics to download your CSV.

Course Catalog Viewing Options

Courses on the Catalog can now be displayed in tile form or list form. See the options and learn how to adjust your Course Catalog here.


January 2017

Improved Navigation in Course Management

We've been working to make it easier for you to find the courses you're looking for in Course Management. Navigate there to check out the three views available to you, and try the search bar to save even more time.

Additional Style Options in Text Lessons

Customize your content with added style options in text lessons. Add a lesson or edit an existing lesson to see added fonts and sizes.

Send Skilljar Data to Eloqua

We've updated our help content to include information on integrating with Eloqua. If you're using Eloqua for marketing automation, check out the instructions to configure the integration.


December 2016

Cross-Domain Access

Student registration status now syncs across multiple domains, so students can move between your domains and immediately see progress on all of their courses. For information on configuring the feature, visit our help article.

New Tables in Analytics

We've made some updates to our Analytics page to make it easier to find the data you're looking for. SCORM interactions and Enrollment data are now each broken out into their own individual tabs. Changes are available in the Analytics section of your Skilljar Dashboard.

Registered and Completed Ribbons on Student Interface

New "Registered" and "Completed" ribbons are now on courses to help students easily see which courses they've enrolled in and completed. Prefer to opt out or change the text to something customized? Check out our help article for instructions.


November 2016

Selling Subscriptions to Your Training Portal

We're excited to announce that you can now sell subscription access to your training portal using eCommerce tools like Stripe and Paypal. Set up your subscription model with these simple steps.

Collapsible Sections

We've improved the student experience by introducing collapsible sections within courses. Now, courses with many lessons can be expanded or collapsed while viewing the curriculum page. Learn how to activate the feature here.

Course Descriptions on Curriculum Page

Check out the curriculum page on any course to view the new "About this course" tab. Students can now view the course description after registering.

New Customization for Registration Pop-Up Modals

It's now even easier to surface terms and conditions in your student registration process. Learn more about configuring this option here.


October 2016

API Updates and Improvements

We've made some updates and improvements to our APIs to bring you more flexibility around provisioning access codes and user management. We've also added additional API filters to our Single Sign On integrations to make your user sign on experience faster. For more information about these changes, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

PayPal Guest Checkout Update

Collecting payments for courses is now even easier thanks to our recent PayPal update. Students can now purchase courses through PayPal as a guest, without having a PayPal account. For more information about processing payments and selling courses, visit our help article.

Navigation Bar Updates

Students can expect a cleaner, more modern design thanks to the updates in the course navigation bar. We've improved how SCORM content displays in the left navigation bar and created a customizable link for students to return to the course overview from a lesson.

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