Creating a Course Series


A Course Series is a collection of related courses on your training catalog. You can use series to easily show users which courses are part of the same learning path, training bundle, topic, level of knowledge, and more. 

To put courses into a Course Series, first you must create the series and then add your published courses to it. To get started:

  1. In Domains & Publishing, select "Catalog Settings"
  2. Next, scroll down and select "New Course Series"
  3. On the following page, you can customize the elements of the Course Series landing page, including:
  4. Once saved, your Course Series is not yet live on the catalog. Next, you need to make it visible. In Catalog Settings, scroll down to "Visibility and Order" and move the series from the "Not visible on catalog page" to "Visible on catalog page" by clicking the series title. (Note - this is different from Catalog Visibility.)
  5. You can then drag and drop the courses and series on your catalog into your preferred order. You can see the amount of courses in the series by the number in parentheses.

You can also choose which series you want this course to be a part of when you are publishing a course, or editing a published course.

Once a course is part of a series, you will see this listed in Domains & Publishing:

You can have one course be listed in multiple series and/or by itself. For example, if you have a "Customer Training: The Basics" course, you could make a series based on knowledge level (Basics) and on topic (Customer Training), and this course can be listed in both, as well as being listed on the catalog outside of either series.

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