Charging for a Course Series (Course Bundles)

by Skilljar Customer Training

Course Bundles...

  • Allow students to purchase a series of courses all at once for a set price.
  • Allow students to register for a series of courses all at once, even if no price is assigned.
  • Are created and edited in the Catalog Settings for your Domain. 
  • Are essentially priced Course Series. 

To create a Course Bundle:

  1. Navigate to Domains and Publishing and Edit Catalog Settings on your selected domain by clicking on the pencil icon. 

  2. Select the Course Series tab near the top of the page. If you have an existing Course Series, you can edit it by clicking on it, or select the New Series button in the top-right to make a new one. Instructions for creating a new series can be found here.
  3. To activate Course Bundles, scroll down and select "Sell this Course Series as a Bundle?" in the Purchases section. This will reveal a collection of options related to the bundle. 

  4. Set a price for your course bundle. If you leave the price at 0.00, the course bundle will be free for students, but they will register for all courses in the bundle/series at once. 
  5. You can choose to set an expiration date for access to the purchased bundle, which will force students to reregister (and potentially repurchase) upon expiration.
  6. If a student has previously enrolled in one of the courses offered in the bundle, you can choose to use that existing course enrollment, or create a new course enrollment for that student.
  7. If you want to create a custom SKU, which is especially helpful if you are using Skilljar's Salesforce Integration. 
  8. The Bundle HTML field allows you to create and display custom text above your courses. 
  9. Determine whether you want to activate email notifications for students or instructors upon registration to a bundle. 
  10. Scroll down to save your changes to the Series. 
  11. Once you've done that, you can make your Course Bundle visible on the course catalog by editing visibility in Catalog Settings. To make your series visible, select it from the left column and move it to the right side in the Visibility and Order section as shown below. 

If a course within a Course Bundle appears in several course series, students will be notified at registration, as shown below. 

Screen_Shot_2017-07-18_at_4.59.56_PM.png*Note: When a student purchases a course bundle, they will be automatically enrolled into all of the courses within that bundle. Pre-requisites will not be enforced and bulk purchasing options are currently not available for course bundles.

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