Adding Live Event Post Registration Instructions

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Use the "Post-Registrations Instructions" text box to distribute information only after a user has registered for a scheduled event. For example, use this feature to provide additional information like specific conferencing details or location-based directions. 

Click to learn more about creating a live training lesson

Customize Post-Registration Instructions

  1. Navigate to Course Management
  2. Select the course in which you want to provide a live training
  3. Select "New lesson" and choose: Live Training
  4. Input your lesson details and click "Save"
  5. Then, click "New event" and input the event name, location, start and end times, available seats, instructor name and description.
  6. Enter your post-registration instructions in the text box provided (this supports HTML so you can embed links, buttons, or even iframes):


  7. Click "Save" to add the Live Event details.

User Experience

Students will see the post-registrations instructions after they register for an individual event:

Pre-Registration Event view:


Post-Registration Event view:


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