Salesforce: Editing Objects

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Skilljar's Salesforce integration installs several Skilljar objects into your Salesforce environment. By default, the objects are read-only, but your Salesforce admin can change this so they can be customized. To remove the read-only property from the Salesforce objects: 

  1. Log in to the Skilljar app from a Salesforce developer account and visit “setup”.

  2. Open the schema builder.

  3. Select the object on which you’d like to update the buttons, select the down arrow on the settings gear at the top of the object, and select “View Page Layouts”.

  1. Scroll down to “Buttons, Links, and Actions” and edit the button you would like to make not read-only.

  1. Select “Standard Page” in the “Override With” section, and save.

  2. Repeat for Delete and Clone buttons, as relevant, for any objects you wish to no longer be read-only


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