Limiting Course Purchase Quantity

by Hong Chau

Students have the option to purchase multiple seats to a priced course. You can limit the number of seats a student may purchase from the course publishing settings.

Additionally, if you have Live Training lessons and events in a course, you can limit the number of course registrations based on the available live training seats. 

  • Publish a course from either Course Management or Domains & Publishing (Catalog Settings -> Published Courses, as seen below).Limiting_Course_Purchase_Quantity_-_1.1.png
  • Click on the title of the Published Course to access the Publish Settings.
  • Navigate to the Purchase Settings.
  • Enter a price for the course (a course must be priced to enable checkout quantity).
  • Enter a "Checkout Quantity." 
  • Select the "Live Training - limit checkout quantity based on available seats?" option to update the checkout quantity based on available live training seats. Screen_Shot_2020-06-01_at_6.57.51_PM.png

Live Training Student Experience

A student can only purchase and register for a course if seats to live training events are available.

  • The Checkout Quantity is enforced on the Purchase checkout page. 
  • The Checkout quantity is also updated based on the seats available for an event. For example, if the checkout quantity is set to 5 and a live event only has 3 seats available, the Checkout Quantity will limit a student to 3 seats. 

When any Live Training lesson in a course reaches the maximum number of seats:

  • Students are unable to purchase and register for the course.
  • The registration button is disabled and a message displays to alert users there are no seats available for purchase at this time. 



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