Skilljar Data Connector 101

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The Skilljar Data Connector provides customers with direct access to learner data.

For more information about Data Connector tables, fields, and Schema, see Data Connector: Data Dictionary - Table, Fields, and Schema and our Data Dictionary PDF (last updated: 7/16/2024).

Note: All database timestamps are in the UTC timezone.  

We recommend you refresh your data connector access credentials every year. You can do this by contacting and we'll update the key for you. 

What is a Data Connector?

Skilljar’s Data Connector is an add-on product we provide where we replicate data from your Skilljar database in real time for you to access. Data Connector is a PostgreSQL database hosted on Amazon Web Services. You can add Data Connector data to your data pipelines and bring it into your data warehouses, so training data can be consolidated with data from other business areas, such as product usage and marketing performance.

Accessing a Direct Database with Skilljar's Data Connector

Skilljar's Data Connector provides an easy and reliable way to integrate with any business intelligence tool or other applications that can directly access and query data. The integration allows companies to visualize their learning and certification data in new and powerful ways, as well as analyze and combine training data with business intelligence from other areas of the company. 

  • Granular Data Analytics
  • Use Skilljar with your Business Intelligence Tools, like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Looker, SAP Crystal Reports, and more.
  • Pipe Skilljar Data Into Your Own Data Warehouse
  • Run Advanced Custom Queries
  • Share Training Data Throughout Your Organization

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