Passing Skilljar Information to SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, or Google Forms

by Hong Chau

The Embedded SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and Google Forms lesson types can capture Skilljar information automatically once the surveys have been set-up to capture custom variables. 

These Lesson types can be accessed in the dropdown of the Embedded Lesson Type:


SurveyMonkey Custom Variables

Customers with either an Advantage or Premier SurveyMonkey account can pass a Skilljar student's name, email, course, and lesson info to SurveyMonkey. The below custom variables need to be entered in SurveyMonkey as custom variables on the survey level (Design Survey> Logic > Custom Variables).

  • studentName
  • studentEmail
  • courseTitle
  • lessonTitle


Learn more about creating SurveyMonkey Custom Variables


Qualtrics Variables

When creating a Qualtrics survey, create an embedded survey to capture Skilljar student's course and lesson info to Qualtrics. The below custom variables need to be entered in Qualtrics as custom variables on the survey level (Project > Survey Flow > Add New Element > Embedded Data).

  • lessonTitle
  • courseTitle


 Learn more about creating Qualtrics Embedded Data fields.

Google Forms Pre-filled Option

When creating a Google Form, you can embed a pre-filled form in Skilljar to capture a student's name, email, current course, and lesson info automatically. The below custom variables need to be entered in Google Pre-filled forms as custom variables (Edit > Get pre-filled link).



Learn more about creating Google Forms with pre-filled links.




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