Troubleshooting SCORM student interactions


Skilljar supports content published in the SCORM 1.2 format. We highly recommend these settings for your SCORM content.

We also know that SCORM authoring platforms differ widely from each other. To help troubleshoot SCORM issues like marking student lesson progress, recording session time, sending resume data, and setting the pass/fail success status, try these steps:

1. Check Javascript Console for API call results

Logging the Javascript interactions provides useful information about what values are set by the SCORM module and then sent to Skilljar. 

  • In the SCORM lesson, append "?loginfo=1" to the end of the lesson URL:Screen_Shot_2017-11-02_at_10.40.30_AM.png
  • Use the browser's "Inspect" option to display the Javascript Console
    • In Chrome, right click on the page and select "Inspect." From the Developer Tools window, click on "Console"
    • Screen_Shot_2017-11-02_at_10.44.49_AM.png
  • When you reach the point of an error within the SCORM module, check the API calls and parameters that are sent to Skilljar.

2. Check SCORM Authoring/Publishing Settings

What are your export settings from the SCORM authoring tool? Our customers typically use Storyline Articulate and Adobe Captivate. If you're using a different tool, be sure to check the export settings. It's often helpful to send us screenshots of the tool's preferences and settings. 

Contact us at for help with SCORM troubleshooting.

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