Displaying Course Duration on Course Tiles & Detail Page

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Skilljar surfaces a course level setting that can be enabled to display a course's duration on the course tile, on the course detail page, on the lesson slide out menu, and on the curriculum page. You can either calculate course time automatically based on lesson time, or manually enter in a time to surface on a course tile.


Here's how to enable this setting:

1. On the Dashboard, click on Course Management

2. Click on the course

3. Expand Settings, then scroll down to Course Time


4. Check the box "Display course and lesson time"

5. Either allow Skilljar to automatically calculate time based on Lesson times entered, or check the box "Manual course time override" and enter the duration in the Course Time Text String input field.

6. Click Save

Once the course level setting is set, you will need to enter the lesson times if you chose "Display course and lesson time"

Here's how to enter lesson time:

1. On the Dashboard, click on Course Management

2. Click on the course

3. Click into a lesson

4. Expand Settings, then scroll down to Lesson Time

Image_4-22-19_at_8.31_AM.jpg5. Enter in the lesson time

6. Click Save

Display Duration on Course Tiles


Display Duration on Course Detail Page


Display Duration on Lesson Slide Out Menu


Display Duration on Curriculum Page 


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