Sending Custom User Attributes to Skilljar via Token-Based SSO

by Skilljar SSE Team

Unlike SAML 2.0 and OAuth 2.0, customers integrating with Skilljar via Token-based SSO will use Skilljar's API to set custom user attributes (via signup fields).

Here is the endpoint that you'll use to assign those values:

POST /v1/domains/{domain_name}/users/{user_id}/signup-fields


Example POST request body:

    "signup_field": {
        "id": "abcd1234"
    "value": "Example Company Name"


The endpoint above creates or updates a user's signup field value. If the user does not have a current value assigned to the POSTed signup field, this endpoint will create a new signup field value for the user. If the user already has a value associated with that signup field, it will be updated to the value POSTed. 

Note: You'll need to call this endpoint for each signup field you'd like to create or update. 

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