Sending Custom User Attributes to Skilljar via Token-Based SSO

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Unlike SAML 2.0 and OAuth 2.0, customers integrating with Skilljar via Token-based SSO will use Skilljar's API to set custom user attributes (via signup fields).

Here is the endpoint that you'll use to assign those values:

POST /v1/domains/{domain_name}/users/{user_id}/signup-fields


Example POST request body:

    "signup_field": {
        "id": "abcd1234"
    "value": "Example Company Name"


The endpoint above creates or updates a user's signup field value. If the user does not have a current value assigned to the POSTed signup field, this endpoint will create a new signup field value for the user. If the user already has a value associated with that signup field, it will be updated to the value POSTed. 

Please note that the signup field ID can be pulled from the Dashboard (navigate to Domains and Publishing --> Domain Settings --> Click edit next to the Signup Field id value you would like to reference and the id will be the last obfuscated id in the URL. Example: or the List API Call

Note: You'll need to call this endpoint for each signup field you'd like to create or update. 

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