Adding Live Training Events to the Calendar

by Colty Harrison

Each training domain has an associated calendar that includes all future scheduled live training events that you have included in courses in your training domain. To see the calendar for your training domain, navigate to [university].[yourcompany].com/calendar. For example, you can see the Skilljar Academy live training events calendar at

Students can use the calendar page to see your company's upcoming live training events. On this page, students have the option to change the view of the content to see a Month, Week, Day, or List calendar view. Students can also differentiate between registered and non-registered events.

  • Clicking on the event will take students directly to the lesson page if they are registered for the course.
  • If you are not registered, it will take you to the course details page.

It is important to note that the events surfaced on the calendar page are determined by course visibility settings (learn more here). In the same way that catalog pages can display different courses to different groups, the calendar will surface live training events based on the courses that are visible to the groups.  As an admin, if you want an event from a course to appear on the training calendar to a given student, you should ensure that that event’s published course is:

  1. Visible to that student
  2. Located on a catalog page
  3. Located on a catalog page that is visible to that student

If you have enabled filter groups on the live training events calendar, students can also filter upcoming events by those tags. Filter groups allow you to organize your live training events into broader categories using tags and allow advanced filtering options that can improve live training event discovery for your students. Learn more about enabling filter groups.



Tips: There are many ways to optimize the use of your Live Training Event Calendar. Here are a few best practice recommendations:

  • Embed it: Embed the Live Training Event Calendar link on your website to guide students to a full list of your upcoming ILT events.
  • Link it: Link the Calendar on your Skilljar course catalog, in the summary section of your courses or the long description of ILT event courses. 
  • Create a course with it: Create an "Upcoming Live Training Events" course and embed the Live Training Event Calendar in the Skilljar lesson. You can even disable the registration requirement so that when students select the "Upcoming Live Training Events" course it will automatically open the first lesson of the course without requiring students to register first. 

Manage your calendar settings

  1. Navigate to Domains and Publishing, then click the Catalog Settings for the domain
  2. Scroll down to the Calendar View section on the Catalog Settings page

Calendar Header Settings


Page Title - You can change the page title that appears in the browser window by editing the Page Title field.

Header HTML - You can add any customization to the calendar header here, including header text and images. This will go above the calendar at the top of the page. This is also a great place to add any CSS customizations for the calendar view. For example, if you would like to make all calendar buttons red, you could add this CSS to the calendar Header HTML:

/* Affects Month, Week, and Day views */
#calendar-view {
    background-color: red;
    border-color: red;

/* Affects List view */
#calendar-view .fc-event-dot {
    background-color: red;

Filter Settings


In the "Filters" section, you can add filter groups to the live training event calendar. You can create filters groups using tags that you created specifically for live training events or tags that you used previously for courses. Learn more about managing tags.

In this section, you can create new calendar filter groups, edit existing calendar filter groups, and manage the visibility of calendar filter groups.

New Filter Group - Create new filter group(s) to use on the live training event calendar.

Not Visible on the Calendar Page and Visible on the Calendar Page - Use these columns to set your filter groups to visible and not visible on the calendar.  

Note: The filter groups you set on your course and catalog pages will remain separate from those created to filter events using tags on your calendar page. 

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