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Skilljar admins and group managers can view key metrics for their training platforms via the Analytics section of their Skilljar dashboard. These pages provide you with helpful engagement data and save you time when pulling reports. You can also filter the results to suit your needs and export the data as a CSV file to use outside of your dashboard. 

Skilljar also offers you the ability to compare your organization’s training data against other Skilljar customers and industry trends and benchmarks using our Strategic Insights page. 

(Learn more about providing Analytics access to non-admin users: Managing and Adding Dashboard Users).

What is the Analytics section?

The Analytics section of your Skilljar dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your training domain’s key metrics to use within your reports. You can find analytic reports and data for various objects across your organization. These include:

(You can read more about each individual section by selecting it below.)

You can use these reports to measure key engagement and usage data, such as session times, revenue, student numbers, and completion rates. The data is presented in a mixture of tables, numerical figures, charts, and graphs depending on the object. You can also compare your organization’s training data against other Skilljar customers and industry trends and benchmarks using our Strategic Insights page.

All of the reports are out of the box and accessible at any time from within your Skilljar dashboard. Admins will always be able to export the data in these reports to CSV, as well as filter the data by existing Groups. 

You can also customize and filter your data, such as by specific domains and dates, and then bookmark the report’s hyperlink to reference and share. 

  • Note: All dates/timestamps shown in the dashboard are in PST (Pacific Standard Time) while dates/timestamps in the CSV downloads are in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
  • Data refreshes in real-time, except for Group Analytics, which refreshes every 24 hours. 

Accessing your Analytics

You can access the Analytics section from your Skilljar dashboard by either selecting Analytics from the homepage or by expanding the Analytics header on the left and selecting your chosen topic. Each page provides specific data for each of the topics, but in this example, we’ll choose the Overview page.




Filtering and Exporting Your Data

Filtering Results

Each report page has its own filtering options, which can be used to customize and narrow down results to cater to your needs. Filtering the data is especially useful if you only want a specific metric from a certain date. Some of the filters you’ll find include groups, domains, dates, and student activity. 

Example: The image below shows the analytics overview page being filtered by specific domains. 


To learn more about how to use the filters on specific pages, please select the object below.

Exporting Your Data

All of the analytics pages (except Overview) allow you to export your data via a CSV file. The file is sent to the admin’s email address and can be used outside of your Skilljar dashboard. 


To read more about downloading your data from Skilljar, please see Getting Your Data From Skilljar.


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