Setting an Expiration Period for Domain Access

by Dania Lieberthal

Many Customers want to limit their users from accessing a training domain after a certain amount of time. Most commonly domain access expirations come into play with subscription domains, or when end users purchase specific training packages that are valid for a set time period.

This article explains how to set an expiration period for domain access in the dashboard. 

Domain access expiration

*Note: You can only set limited time access for a private domain that is set to "access code required." Expiration periods are not available for public domains or private domains that are only login required.

  1. Navigate to the Domains & Publishing section of your dashboard
  2. Select the Domain Settings edit icon next to the private domain you're updating
  3. Scroll down to Access Codes > New Access Code / Add Access Code


  4. Scroll down to the User Access section, select the "Set duration" option
  5. Now you will be able to set the access expiration period in days or months


  6. Once saved, any user who registers for access to your domain with that access code will only be able to get into the domain for specified period of time after first registering. Once their access expires, they will have to acquire a new access code.


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