Advanced Filtering on the Course Catalog


Filter groups allow you to organize your courses into broader categories, and allow advanced filtering options that can greatly improve course discovery for your students.

Filter Groups

To set up filter groups, navigate to Domains & Publishing and go to Catalog Settings for your domain:


Scroll down to Catalog Filters and create a New Filter Group


On the next page you will create your filter group based on all of the tags that exist on courses published in your domain. Here are some examples of ways you can organize your tags into Filter Groups:

• Course Topics

• Difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

• Types of Courses (Exams, Training Courses, eBooks, Case Studies, Video Lessons, etc.)

Give your Filter Group a name and drag and drop the tags you want included in the group from the left to the right. Once you are done, hit Save.


Once you are back on the Catalog Settings page, drag and drop your new Filter Group to the 'Visible on catalog page' section to have it display on your Course Catalog. You can also change the order that they will appear.

Student View


On the Course Catalog, a student can see each Filter Group and the tags associated with them. They can also expand and collapse the Filter Groups as needed for better viewing.

They can use these filters in a couple of different ways. If they select one or more tags within a filter group, all courses with ANY of those tags with be displayed. Once you select one tag, every other tag in the Filter Group will show in parentheses how many additional courses will be displayed when you select it.

If you select tags across Filter Groups, it will narrow your search to courses that have ALL of the selected tags. For example, if I select the 'Intermediate' tag under Difficulty, I will see 6 courses. If I also select the 'Course' tag under Course Type, it will narrow it down to 2 courses because these are the only courses that have both the 'Intermediate' and 'Course' tag associated with them.




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