Integrating with Stripe - FAQs

by Hong Chau

Skilljar integrates with Stripe to process payments and sell domain subscriptions, course bundles, or courses with Stripe.

Learn more about integrating Stripe, selling domains subscriptions, and pricing courses.

What information is sent to Stripe when a purchase is made?

An offer in Skilljar refers to priced domain subscriptions, course bundles, and courses. 

If an offer is on a published course (a priced course):

  • Skilljar will send the published course title & obfuscated id as 'skilljarCourseTitle' & 'skilljarPublishedCourseId' respectively to Stripe.

If an offer is on a domain subscription (subscription access):

  • The Skilljar domain name and access duration will send as 'skilljarDomainName', 'skilljarDomainAccessDuration', 'skilljarDomainAccessDurationUnit' to Stripe.

For any offer, Skilljar will send Stripe:

  • Offer type as 'skilljarOfferType' (ex: domain, published_path, published_course)
  • SKU as 'skilljarOfferSku'
  • Offer description as 'skilljarDescription'
  • Number purchased as 'skilljarQuantity'
  • User email as 'skilljarUserEmail'
  • Purchase order id as 'skilljarOrderId'

If your organization requires that you also collect billing address information, please reach out to Skilljar Support for more information. 

Does Skilljar store Stripe credit card information?

Skilljar never stores credit card information and only collects transaction details with Stripe's tokenization process. We also utilize SSL on pages where we collect card details.

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