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The paths analytics page in your Skilljar dashboard provides a breakdown of student interaction and progress with the various learning paths on your Skilljar Domains. Using this report, you'll be able to view path registrations and completions, as well as student progress along a path. 


The paths report can be adjusted to display data for a specific timeframe or domain and also filtered by your existing Groups. 

In order for a student’s progress to be tracked on the Path Analytic’s page, the following must be true:

  • A student must be registered at the path-level
  • The published course must be in that path


You can also see how far along a student is within a path (such as where they may have gotten stuck) from within the student's record. The progress table will show which courses they've completed and which ones they still have to complete. 



If a published course that has already been completed by a student is added to a path, will they be marked as complete for that course in the path?

  • As long as the student has registered at the path level, assuming the student has completed the course and the course is included in the path,  the completion of the published course will count towards path-level progress. 

How would adding a course that has already been completed to a path impact the completion % of that path? 

  • Path-level progress will be measured by the number of published courses within that path that have been completed.
  • To ensure the continuity of analytics, we recommend that users keep path content as static as possible. 
    • This behavior will be recognizable in how analytics are tracked when new Lessons are added to Courses. 
    • Users who want to update their paths by adding newly published courses could consider starting up a new path instead.

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