Enrollments Analytics

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The Enrollments report is a detailed look at the registration behavior of students across your course catalogs.


You can find the following data points in the Enrollments report:

  • Student Name, along with their email
  • The Domain of the course
  • Course Title
  • Tags associated with the course
  • Date of Enrollment
  • Completion Date
  • Link to the Issued Certificate (if applicable)
  • Certificate Expiration Date
  • Date of Latest Activity
  • Custom Signup Fields (if applicable)

The above data can be used to answer valuable engagement questions, especially for Group Managers. Some examples include:

  • How are Partner users in North America performing compared to those in Europe?
  • Which of my team members is missing their certification for a particular course?
  • Which Customers have the most active users?
  • Which Customers should we re-engage with in order to drive more completions?

Finally, just like in the Students report, selecting a student's name will bring you to their training profile page for lesson-level data.

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