SCORM Analytics

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The SCORM report page provides an overview of SCORM package performance across your courses. The following data points are provided:

  • SCORM Item
  • Web Package
  • Average Score
  • Finished Count
  • Success Count
  • Average Total Time

This SCORM data can help identify whether adjustments should be made to your content based on user performance. For example, if the average score of a Package is 40%, but the Passing Score is 100%, this could be a sign that your course content is confusing or unclear to students. Alternatively, it could mean that your quiz questions are not well-defined and need updating.

Note: To record interaction data in SCORM Analytics, some SCORM packages require the cmi.student_interactions setting to be applied. 


Historical SCORM data for packages that are no longer active in courses can be seen by navigating to the following URL:

Learn more about how toUpload SCORM Content in a Course.

Learn more about how SCORM completion works: Understand SCORM lesson completion

Web Package View

Selecting a web package allows you to dig into specific interactions and student responses on the SCORM package. 

Interactions Tab

The interactions tab shows a breakdown of all Aggregate Student Interactions for all of the interactions within the SCORM module.


Student Tab

The Students Tab shows each student who has interacted with the SCORM module and their interaction data.


Selecting a Student from within this view allows you to see their responses and timing information for all of the SCORM interactions within this module. 


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