Live Events Analytics

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On the Live Events analytics page, you’ll see a list of past live events across your courses, which includes the following data:


  • Live Event Name 
  • Live Event Start Time
  • Live Event Instructor- the email address of the instructor who leads the event.
  • Course Name -The course the event was a part of.
  • Course Completions -The number of times the course was completed.
  • Live Event Registrations -The number of unique users who registered for the event.
  • Live Event Attendants -The number of unique users who attended the event.
  • Attendance Rate 

Selecting the event title will take you to the Live Event Table roll call page, listing the people who registered and attended, as well as their score and success status (if applicable) of the event. To learn more about the Live Event Table, see Managing Live Training Events.

By looking at this data, you can get a clearer picture of how successful your live event was. For example, seeing the attendance rate at 100% may mean it’s worth adding more occurrences of the event, or low completion numbers may help you uncover any possible issues with the content.

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