Instruqt: Embedding Instruqt Lessons

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Embed Instruqt created lessons into your Skilljar courses using an Instruqt embed link. You also have the option to include customer Skilljar data to your embed link, such as student and course information, which will automatically update when the lesson loads. 

Instruqt is a third-party application used to create lessons, which can be used within your Skilljar training platform, such as virtual workshops and tutorials. You can read specific instructions for embedding Instuqt with Skilljar via Instruqt’s how-to guide

Embedding an Instruqt Lesson Type

Embedding an Instruqt lesson type works in much the same way as you would embed other lesson types. When creating a course and adding a new lesson type:

  1. Copy the link of your Instruqt created lesson (find out more about how to create and export Instruqt lessons here).
    • Example:
  2. Select New Lesson and then Video, PDF, Audio, or Embed from the dropdown menu.


  3. In the Contents menu on the right, select Embed Link.
  4. Paste your Instruqt lesson link into the URL box.
    • The Lesson Type should automatically change to Instruqt.
  5. Title your lesson and edit any desired settings. When you’re finished, select Save

Your Instruqt lesson will now appear within your Skilljar course. 


Using "Disable Automatic Completion" for Lab Completion gating

Embedded Instruqt labs can be configured to complete Skilljar lessons through the iframe. For this functionality to be enabled, you should set the Embedded lesson to "Disable Automatic Completion" in the lesson settings. 

When the learner completes the lab activity, the Lesson will be completed and the next button will unlock if the Course is set to use Sequential Navigation. 


Once the learner completes the Play track, the Skilljar "Next" button will unlock


Add Custom Skilljar data in Instruqt Embed URL

When you embed an Instruqt lab lesson into your course via a link, you have the option of including custom Skilljar data, such as student and course information. 

To do this, simply add one or more of the below variables to your embed URL.

  • Example:{student_email}).

When a variable is added, we’ll automatically update your data when the Instruqt lesson loads. To learn more about we pass data using other embedded URLs, see Passing Student information in fill out full article link before publishing.

Note: You must include these variables during your Instruqt lesson setup for them to populate within your embedded lesson link. 



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