Delete a Course

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Delete a course to remove it permanently from your training curriculum. Deleting a course removes the course permanently, including the data, and can’t be undone.

Please make sure you’re certain that you want to delete the course before proceeding as this can’t be undone. If you want to remove the course but keep it for potential future use, we strongly recommend unpublishing it using the steps above.

  • Note: Deleting a course won’t delete any assets or quizzes associated with it. 

To delete the course:

  1. Go to your Skilljar Dashboard, and select Course Management, or expand the Course management header on the left and select Courses
  2. Find the course you want to delete from the list. 
  3. Select the ellipses/three dots to the right of the course's row and then select Delete Course.


  4. A message will ask you to confirm. If you want to remove the course, select Yes, I’m sure, or cancel to go back.


    • Note: This can NOT be undone, so please be completely sure before confirming.
  5. After confirming the deletion, the course will be fully removed from your dashboard and curriculum.

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