Adding Due Dates to Published Courses

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Add optional due dates to your published courses via their settings pages in your Skilljar dashboard. Course due dates allow you to give students a set number of days or months that they must complete the course after they’ve enrolled. 

Skilljar admins can also see if a student has completed a course before the due date or is overdue in the “Due” column of your Skilljar dashboard’s enrollments analytics page. To learn more about enrollment and due date analytics, see our Enrollments Analytics help article.

  • Note: A course doesn’t expire after the due date and students can still access the content even after a course is overdue. To prevent students from accessing a course after a certain date, you must set an access expiration date. To read more about course access, see Setting an Access Expiration Period for a Course

How to add a due date to a course

You can add a due date when publishing a course or add it to an existing published course via the specific course’s settings page. To read more about how to create a course, see our Create a Course help article.  

  1. On your Skilljar dashboard, select Domains & Publishing, or expand the Domains & Publishing header on the left, and then select Domains
  2. Find the domain with the course you want to manage and then select Published Courses. 
  3. Select the course you want to manage from the list to access its settings page. 
  4. Scroll down to Due Date and enter the number of days or months that students will have before the course is due. You can choose from Months and Days via the dropdown selection.


    • Note: This is the length of time that students will have after they have registered or have been enrolled for the course. If left blank, the course won’t have a due date. 
  5. Set the due date’s timezone using the dropdown selection. 
    • Note: Due dates occur at the end of the day of your selected timezone. 
  6. When you’re finished, scroll to the bottom and select Save and Continue or Save

You can see your course’s due date from the snapshot view of your course’s settings page. To access the course’s setting page, follow steps 1-3 above.

  • Note: Students can still access content even after a course is overdue. 


Student experience

Students can view the due date of their enrolled courses and if their course completion is overdue in the Registrations table within their “My Profile” page. If a due date is assigned to a course they’ve registered for, the Enrolled column will show the enrollment date and then the due date underneath. If they haven’t completed the course by the due date, it will read “Overdue.” 

  • Note: Students can still access content even after a course is overdue. 

Read more about your student’s My Profile page at our Student Profile Page article.


Tip: You can remind students of their course due dates by creating a “due date” email template and setting it to send out a certain number of days after they’ve registered. For example, if the due date is set for 10 days after registration, you can set the email to send nine days after they’ve registered for the course to remind them. To learn more, read Managing Course Registration and Completion Email notifications. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set a due date for a half day or month? 

Due dates can only be set to full days and months. 


What happens if a student re-enrolls in a course with a due date? 

The student will receive an updated due date, regardless of if the course progress is reset or continues.

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