Published Course Settings: Define & Edit Slugs

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This article will offer some guidance for where to go when you need assistance with a course URL slug on your domain. A slug is the part that comes at the very end of a URL, and it refers to a specific page or post (ex: 

You can edit a URL slug through the Publish Course functionality on the Course Management page, and the Published Courses tab in Domain & Publishing.

URL Slug Requirements:

  • Must be unique 
  • Contain lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes
    • Special characters are not supported
  • A minimum of two strings separated by a dash is required

Behaviors when editing:

  • Invalid characters will be immediately removed from the URL text box if you clicks outside the text box.

  • Invalid characters will remain in the URL text box only when you save without clicking anywhere else on the page.

  • The system generated slug will be based on the course title.
    • If the course title is only one word, then the system will append -course to the end of the slug.

  • The string entered in the URL text box will not be retained unless you save. If you enter a string and decide to change the domain or course, the URL text box will update accordingly.

  • When the slug is one string and/or includes invalid characters, you will be prompted with this error message: “: The URL can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes. A minimum of two strings separated by a dash is required.”

  • When you attempt to use a slug that is not unique (e.g. in-use by another published course), you will be prompted with this error message: “A published course with this slug already exists on this domain”


When is the course URL generated? 

  • The name of the course at the time of publishing is what will dictate the course URL slug. We would recommend finalizing the course name prior to publishing to your training domain. 

What if people have it bookmarked or if this is an active course?

  • Not a problem! While course slugs are not automatically redirected, let us know if this is an active course and we can create a published course redirect for you! Please send the request to and include the old course slug and the new course slug and we can enable the redirect.  

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