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This article reviews how to install the reporting managed package (SJ Example Reports) for Skilljar Objects in your SFDC instance. 



  1. The most recent Salesforce App Integration has been installed in your SFDC instance and Data is flowing from Skilljar > SFDC
  2. The Skilljar Custom Objects have been edited by a SFDC Admin to "Allow Reporting"



This managed package includes example reports and report type templates to help your SFDC team build out custom reporting in your instance of SFDC. This should be used as a resource for your SFDC admin to continue to develop reports based on exactly what is useful for your training and business needs. 

This package will report on the objects that are created by the Skilljar SFDC data integration - more information on these objects can be found here: Salesforce Integration: Custom Objects and their Fields



Install the Reporting Package

This is an unlisted Managed Package, so your SFDC admin will need to navigate to the following link in order to download the package and install it into your instance of SFDC. 

Install Reporting Managed Package Here


We recommend installing this package and granting access to these reports for all users who have access to the Skilljar Custom Objects within your instance of SFDC.


Note: If you are installing into a sandbox organization you must replace the initial portion of the above link URL with your sandbox or dev domain info (eg.



List of Report Types (and their descriptions) included in Managed Package

This table shows the current report types/descriptions that you will be able to use and clone once the managed package is installed. This list will also be able to be seen in the SFDC Admin Panel Setup> Custom Report types


Label Details
 Course Details with Lesson Titles Template  Course and Lesson titles and VILT sessions
 Course Progress Template  Course Progress w/ lesson progress (+student, contact, account, published course lookups)
 Published Courses w Course Progress Template  Published Courses w Course Progress (+student, contact via Lookup)
 Published Courses w/wo Course Progress Template  Published Courses w/wo Course Progress (+student, contact via Lookup)
 Purchases with Enrollments Template  Purchases with Enrollments (+student, offer, published course, contact via lookup)


List of Reports included in Managed Package

These reports can be cloned if you are looking to create new reports and modify them in order to pull in other fields if you want to add more information to the example reports.

If you want these to be visible to your SFDC Users - make sure to update the visibility for these reports/folder to ALL. 


Report Name Description
 Order Report EXAMPLE

This Example report replicates the Order report from  the Skilljar Dashboard including information returned from a payment processor if applicable. Created with "Purchases with Enrollments Template"

 Enrollment Report w/ Percentage EXAMPLE

This example report replicates the dashboard Enrollments report with the lesson % completion column - Created with the "Published Courses w Course Progress Template"

 Enrollments Analytics EXAMPLE

Example report which replicates the Analytics > Enrollments table (without % complete) on the Skilljar dashboard. Created with the "Published courses w/wo Course Progress Template"

 Course Analytics EXAMPLE

Example of Courses with Registrations and Completions. This report Example replicates the Analytics>Enrollments table from the Skilljar Dashboard. Created with the "Course Progress Template" report type


Using This tool to create reports and build new reports

Once the Managed Package has been installed, you should see the reports in your instance of SFDC and you can create a report with your training data and adjust the fields to suit any needs for your business. If you link your student data to contacts within your SFDC, it will also be possible to roll up some of these reports to account level data by using the existing report types. 


Additional suggestions for adding other reports using Skilljar Data:

The following suggestions are other report types that your SFDC admin can build that are not included in this managed package:


  1. VILT registrations:

    This will involve creating a report type to see who has registered for your VILT lessons - Report type should be built using the following Objects in the Report Builder:mceclip1.png
    This report uses: Courses with Lessons with Vilt Sessions with Vilt Session Registrations (+Student via lookup)


  2. Joined Report Showing Student Course Completions with Sign Up Field Data:

    This will involve Using report types: Students w Course Progress and Students with Sign Up Fields that have been joined and are grouped by Student Name (screenshot has had names removed)




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