Canceling a Live Training Event

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Skilljar Admins have the ability to cancel future Live Training Events from within their Skilljar dashboard. This allows the scheduled Live Event to be canceled while still keeping the event record and details for record-keeping and reporting purposes; whereas deleting an ILT event will remove the event record and all details. To learn how to delete an event, see Managing Live Training Events.

A canceled live event will still show up in your records but will show zero (0) in the Registration column since all registrants are removed and notified upon successful cancellation.


Why you might cancel an event versus deleting it

Some reasons that you might choose to cancel an event versus delete it include:

  • Not enough registrations
  • Instructor becomes unavailable
  • Deprioritization

Deleting an event may be preferred for events that are created as a test or example. 

By canceling an event instead of deleting it, your Events Table and your records will show that there was an event scheduled, but it was canceled. Deleting an event would remove any record of it from your Event Table, as well as from the CSV download file. 



Canceling a Live Training Event

Any upcoming Live Event can be canceled. Only ILT events scheduled in the future can be canceled. 

1. To cancel a Live Event that has already been created, navigate to Course Management and click on the name of the course that contains the Live Event that you wish to cancel.

2. Under the Curriculum tab, click on the lesson that contains the Live Training Event that you wish to cancel.

3. In the table towards the bottom of the lesson find the Event Name for the event you’d like to cancel (the default filter is for Future Events, which are the only events that can be canceled). Select the ellipses (...) to the right of the table and select Cancel Event.



4. You will see a window popup that asks you to confirm the decision to Cancel. If you select Do Not Cancel Event, you will return to the lesson page and the event will still be active. If you select Cancel Event, you will return to the lesson page and the event you selected will be noted as ‘Canceled’.




5. When you cancel an event, you’ll see a notification at the top of the lesson letting you know that the event has successfully been canceled. The lesson will be saved automatically and the changes will now be live. 


Note: Upon successful cancellation of an event, the instructor and any students that have already registered will receive email notification of the cancellation based on the current settings. 


The Event Table

Whether you’re on the Live Training page of the Skilljar Dashboard ( or within a Live Training Lesson within a course, the Event table has the following features.

  • The Live Events table supports sorting, pagination, and has two filter options. The Live Events table can be filtered by event type (Past Events, Future Events, or All) and/or event status (Active, Canceled, or All).
  • You’re able to use the search functionality to find events more quickly by searching for the event you’d like to see. Search results will return words in the Event Name only.
  • Canceled ILT events in the Events table have a ‘Canceled’ label under the event name and the row is inactive.
  • A .csv file is available for download that includes ILT event information (See more details below)
  • You can clonecancel or delete the event by clicking the three dots to the right.




Who can Use this Feature?

Anyone who has dashboard access to the ILT table will see the new table structure. Permissions to Edit/Clone/Cancel/Delete Events are still tied to the Course Editing dashboard user permissions, so users must have the ability to edit a course to be able to take any of these actions.


Downloadable CSV File:

A .csv file is available for download that includes ILT event information. The downloaded file will respect the Live Event table’s sort order and Event Status filter at the time of download. There is a column titled ‘canceled_at’ that indicates when an event was canceled with the date and timestamp (Column K in the image below). The .csv file name includes the lesson name and date to make the file easier to identify.


Skilljar Data Connector

A canceled_at status field will appear as part of the vilt_session table in the Skilljar Data Connector.

Learn more about the Skilljar Data Connector here.


Instructor Experience

When a Skilljar Admin cancels an event, the instructor listed for the event will receive a notification from Skilljar informing them of the canceled event, as long as the lesson has the ‘Email Instructor When Added to Event And For Event Updates’ setting enabled (Note: this lesson setting is enabled by default. See the FAQ section below for more information about disabling this setting).


Example of Cancellation Notification Email for Instructors:


Student Experience 

All students registered for an event that is canceled will receive an event cancellation email (This is similar to the email Skilljar sends students for deleted events). Please note, this email notification is not customizable. 


  • The event will be removed from the Live Training lesson (no longer listed as an option for registration).
  • The event will be removed from the Training Domain’s Calendar ([academy]. [yourcompany].com/calendar).



Can a canceled event be deleted?

Yes, a canceled event can be deleted. Deleting the event will delete the record from the Events Table and cannot be undone. Check out this article for more information on deleting a Live Training Event.


Can a canceled event be cloned?

Yes, a canceled event can be cloned. Check out this article for more information on cloning a Live Training Event.


Can the Skilljar cancellation email notifications be turned off for instructors and students? 

Yes, cancellation email notifications can be turned off for instructors and students via the Live Training lesson’s settings (see the setting for ‘Email Instructor When Added to Event And For Event Updates’ and ‘Email Student On Registrations and Event Updates’ respectively). However, keep in mind that turning the settings off will also affect registration and other event update notifications. 

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