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Dashboard admins can review information about a student’s live event registrations from the Student Details Page on the Dashboard. This table includes the date/time of the event, the name of the course, the name of the lesson, the student’s attendance status and the associated Order ID.

This is helpful to utilize when you need to quickly process a refund request if a student was unable to attend or had to reschedule attending a Live Event.



Table Columns & Data Format:


Start Time

Course / Lesson

Attendance Status

Order ID


mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm + Time Zone

{course-title} / {lesson-title}



Event column

    • Embeds a link to the respective live event on the Live Training page.

    • Please note, this column is sortable

Start Time column

    • Format: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm + Time Zone

    • Please note, this column is sortable (default, reverse chronological order)

Course/Lesson column

    • Displays the name of the course and the lesson that the event is associated with.

    • Please note, the course and lessons are not linked here

    • A student's course progress tracks their activity in the course. A student's enrollment tracks their access to the course and is linked to the purchase (containing the Order ID), course series enrollment, or plan enrollment that gave the student access.
    • When the previous setting is disabled, a new course progress is created each time the student registers and creates a new enrollment. When it is enabled, the existing course progress is shared across enrollments.

Attendance Status column:


    • Displays the student’s attendance status of the event

    • Available Options:

      • Atteneded

      • Not Attended

      • "--" Applies to Future Events

Order ID column:


    • Displays the associated Order ID and an embed a link that will redirect to the respective Order Report, if applicable. 

    • Typically, a new registration will have a new Order ID:
      • Free courses
      • Priced courses
      • Courses that were purchased in bulk and shared with students
    • Please note, there are situations where an event will not have an Order ID: 

      • A student is invited to a course through Manage Students

      • An enrollment is created via the API and no purchase is provided

      • A student is automatically re-enrolled

    • If multiple orders exist for the same student course progress, it will display as 'Multiple' and have a clickable drop down to see the Order IDs. In order to have the Multiple widget appear, the course must have the Course Progress: 
      • Students will continue with their existing course progress each time they enroll in this course setting enabled (Domains > Published Courses > Publish Course).  

      • Self-service Re-enrollment: When students complete the course, enable them to re-enroll in the course immediately.

    • All events in the same course will have the same associated Order ID, as Order IDs are associated to the course level.  

The table supports the standard paging functionality.

    • Display per page options:

      • 10

      • 25 (default)

      • 50

      • 100

Will have a checkbox data filter labeled “Attendance Status” with standard selection behavior:



Note: Deleted events and Canceled events will not display in the table because the current behavior removes the event from the Dashboard and un-enrolls all students registered.

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