Removing Student PII (personally identifiable information)

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To help with GDPR compliance for your learners, Skilljar dashboard admins can remove a student's personally identifiable information (PII) from their Skilljar organization. This information includes the student's email address, first name, and last name. 

Note: Deleting a student’s personal information cannot be undone.

Admin Experience:

  1. Open your Skilljard dashboard and go to the Students page. 
  2. Select the student from the list.
  3. Select the Admin Actions dropdown and then Delete Student Information. A warning window will appear.

    Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 4.51.58 PM.png

  4. Check the "I understand" box and then select Delete. This will delete the student's information. If you decide you do not want to delete their information, select Cancel to return to the student's page.


Note: Deleting a student’s personal information cannot be undone.

What Information is Removed?

The following Personally Identifiable Information is removed from the Database when this action is run:

  • Student First Name

  • Student Last Name

  • Email Address

  • All Sign-Up Field Responses

  • Student Profile image
  • Student Name on Certificate PDF Image

The Following Information will remain in the Database - under the Obfuscated student object “”: 

    • Group Memberships

    • Domain Memberships

    • Enrollments

      • While the student's PII is removed, associated student enrollments will remain. This allows you to maintain historical records related to course registrations and completions. Following the deletion, the "removed" student will continue to exist, but this will not have any PII associated back to the actual student.
    • Analytics associated with those enrollments (Quiz responses, ILT registration/attendance)

      • While the student's PII is removed, analytics will remain to show that there was a user who had taken training, but their information has been removed. 

Note: To fully delete a test user, please contact Skilljar Support.


API Experience

If you are looking to automate this Anonymization process from another system where you manage your GDPR requests, it is possible to Anonymize users through the Skilljar API. 


This API call requires the Student ID which can be gathered through the API, or from the URL of the student page in the dashboard. 


Salesforce and Data Connector

When a student's PII is removed from the Dashboard, the update is not passed to Salesforce. Please manage the student deletion through Salesforce directly, if the student is to be fully deleted. 

The Data Connector should reflect the current Skilljar database, even with PII removed. If an Admin has moved data from the PostGres DB using an ETL tool to your data warehouse, the data warehouse will likely still have that PII. This is because Skilljar has no control of the data after it is moved out of the platform's Database.


After Removal

To search for the removed students, you can search for "removed" in the Students section or within Analytics.

The display for after a Student's information is deleted: 



Student Experience

If this student returns to your site, they will have no student record or training history. They will get an error message, as there is no Student with that email in the database:


The 'Forgot Password' process will NOT work - the student will have to sign up again as a new user. Once they do, they will have no training history listed:

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