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You use a generic HTTPS listener tool (included in ALL iPaaS tools) to listen to Skilljar Webhooks, and pass Skilljar Data to ANY other application in your business ecosystem. In this article, we'll explain how you can set up and manage your Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) webhook. 

Check out this iPaaS list from G2 to see if you and your company already use any of these tools: https://www.g2.com/categories/ipaas

Setup Instructions - for any iPaaS tool

1 - Select the ‘Webhook Listener’ option for the integration tool you are using


Here is a bigger list of iPaaS tools to check out in case any of them are already in use by your company: https://www.g2.com/categories/ipaas

2 - Generate the Webhook URL and save this to input into the Skilljar Webhook Setup API call





You can copy this to your clipboard to use in the next step to create/activate the webhook in Skilljar.

3 - Enable the webhook via API 

This will leverage the Webhook Create API call - You are welcome to use your preferred API tool OR if you don't have a tool available, you can set this up directly from API Page link below by clicking the “Try it Out” button:


When you select this button you will see the following popup, where you will Paste the webhook URL that you copied in Step 2. You will also want to set this webhook to “Active” using the checkbox below the Target URL:



When you select “Send Request” you will be shown an authentication popup if this is the first time you have called the Skilljar API from the browser session:



You will need to get an API Key from your ORGANIZATION Settings and input this into the USERNAME section of the API page - the password field should be left blank:



After you sign in with this organization API key, the browser will use this same key for all API calls until the browser session ends, so you won't have to enter this every time you try and call a Skilljar API. If you need to change the Key, you can clear your Cache and Cookies, or open up the Skilljar API page in an Incognito Window.

4 - Send Sample Request by taking an action as a student on your training site (registering for a course, completing a lesson)

Most tools will start listening for the first webhook when you generate the Target URL so that they can populate any payload data fields which you can then use in other steps of your workflow (name, email, course/domain information, student sign-up fields):



Once a test payload has been received, most of tools will auto-populate all of the Output Fields from the Skilljar test Webhook so that you can begin to use them in filters and send the data passed in these outputs to other tools:


You may need to send a few test webhooks, as Skilljar does send different payloads depending on the webhook type. For example, - PURCHASE_FULFILLMENT and QUIZ_COMPLETION Webhook event types have extra payloads that the other webhook events do not include, so if you are looking to leverage these webhooks, you will want to complete a purchase or a quiz when testing this setup to generate the proper output fields in your iPaaS tool.

It may be required to PASTE a test payload into these tools to be able to generate the different Output variables, and in this case, you can use the SAMPLE WEBHOOK EVENT API calls from the Skilljar API documentation to copy and Paste into these tools:


You should only have to copy and paste the RESULTS line from the RAW payload data (as seen above) into the tool (seen below):


These tools will be able to parse the data and add the Output fields to the list of outputs you can use in future steps:





These can now be used in Step 5 and 6 to pass this data from the iPaaS tool to your other applications.

5 - Add Filter Logic if you want to only take actions on Certain Event Types:

The filter below would only continue the workflow if the event_type is a COURSE_COMPLETION webhook trigger:






The different triggers that are currently set by Skilljar (and that you can choose to filter by) are found below:



6 - Send this data to ANY of your other Applications

Your iPaaS tool can now take this data and send it to ANY other tool that can be connected to this iPaaS tool, so there is absolutely no limit to where you can send training data and to what tools you are able to leverage:




You can be as creative as you want with your training data - feel free to work with our Customer Success team to talk about how you can best leverage this data in your other tools, or for suggestions on other tools that may benefit from access to the training data generated in Skilljar.

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