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You can integrate with ProctorFree to provide secure, monitored assessments to your learners. Proctoring an exam helps to ensure the integrity of your certification by preventing and detecting fraud. ProctorFree proctoring can be added to any Skilljar lesson except for Live Training lessons and Examity lessons.

In this article we break down how to:

Add Integration Credentials to Skilljar

ProctorFree will provide API credentials to you as part of the onboarding process. If you don’t have API credentials yet, please reach out to your ProctorFree Account Manager. The API credentials must be added prior to moving forward with the next steps in the set-up process. 

  1. Once you have the API credentials, log into the Skilljar Dashboard and open

  2. Click ‘Add Integration’ and enter your API credentials:


3. When entering the API credentials:

  • Name: You can choose a name that helps you identify the integration, e.g. “MyCompany ProctorFee”.

  • The “Is Active” checkbox is selected by default. When checked, the integration will be activated upon saving. Lessons will only have proctoring options if the Skilljar organization is connected with at least one active ProctorFree integration.

Add proctoring to a lesson in Skilljar

This section walks through how to add proctoring to a lesson in Skilljar.

  1. Navigate to Course Management

  2. Select the course you would like to add a proctored exam to or create a new course

  3. Select the lesson you want to add proctoring to or create a new lesson. Proctoring can be added to any lesson type except for Live Training lessons and Examity lessons.

  4. On the lesson, scroll down and open Settings.


5. Select the “Proctored Lesson” checkbox. This will open all proctoring settings


6. Define proctoring settings as outlined below:

    • Integration: Select the ProctorFree integration you just set up, e.g. “MyCompany ProctorFree”

    • Proctoring Instructions: This content is displayed in the lesson above the button to set up proctoring. Use this section to inform learners about the exam, procedure, help links, etc.

    • Proctoring Method:

      • Full Proctoring: The exam will be recorded and audited by ProctorFree. You can access the recordings and audit reports through the Skilljar Tasks section.

      • Record Only: The exam will be recorded, but not audited, by ProctorFree. You can access the recordings through the Skilljar Tasks section.

      • Practice: Practice exams are free and unlimited to partners. ProctorFree records the student taking the exam, but no auditing takes place. The practice exams are limited to 20 minutes and allow students to test system requirements and install the ProctorFree application. Please define practice lessons as optional and do not require validation. If you don’t set these settings properly, course completion will wait until you manually pass or fail the practice session for a student.

    • Requires validation:

      • If ‘Requires Validation' is turned on, then Skilljar will not complete the lesson automatically when it determines or receives the exam results from a Skilljar quiz or a partner. This way, an admin can review the proctoring results in the proctoring tool and manually complete the course. Learn more about manually completing a course here.

      • If ‘Requires Validation’ is turned off, then Skilljar will automatically complete the lesson after receiving/determining the exam results. Depending on your settings, Skilljar may also complete the course. Learn more about course completion here. If you want the course to complete automatically, please make sure to select “Use lesson score as course score” and to select the Caveon lesson and ensure that the exam was the last required lesson to complete the course. This could trigger a certificate or badge to be created, learn more about issuing certificates here. We recommend using this setting when using Caveon as a stand-alone exam without proctoring.

Learner Experience:

When a learner opens a proctored lesson, Skilljar displays the proctoring page. This page contains the lesson name, the custom proctoring instructions, and a button that starts the proctoring setup.


If a Skilljar lesson allows quiz retakes, Proctoring will be checked and confirmed every time the page loads, to ensure all learner attempts are proctored. 


Skilljar redirects the learner to ProctorFree. If the learner has not installed the ProctorFree application, ProctorFree displays instructions on how to install the application. After downloading the ProctorFree application, The learner then clicks on the exam link in step 5 (see screenshot below), or they can go back to Skilljar and click on the “Set up Proctoring” button again to open the proctoring setup.


ProctorFree will now launch the proctored session and open the proctoring setup. The setup consists of three steps:

1. Compatibility Test: Confirms if your system meets the system requirements and if ProctorFree has proper access to the learner’s Camera, Monitor, and Microphone.


2. Create Profile: ProctorFree captures a picture of the person taking the exam. If your organization uses ID checks in ProctorFree, it will also capture the learner’s ID:


3. Start Session: As the last step, the learner agrees to be recorded during the exam and attest that they will not cheat and follow your honor code policy. Clicking on the button “CONFIRM AND START PROCTORED SESSION” opens the default browser with the proctored Skilljar lesson.

The ProctorFree application displays a small window that displays the camera recording, a link to open the exam again, a support link, and a “FINISH” button. Now that proctoring is set up, Skilljar opens the lesson content of this lesson. In the example below, it’s a Skilljar quiz.

The learner now takes the exam. After finishing the exam, the learner clicks “FINISH” on the proctoring window. ProctorFree will ask the learner if they are sure. Clicking “Finish” again will end the proctoring session.

Review a proctored exam

Skilljar creates a proctoring review task when a learner has finished their exam for a proctored lesson. Tasks are only created for lessons that are required (not optional).

To review a proctored exam session, click on “Students” in the Skilljar Dashboard menu, then open “Tasks”. Proctoring tasks have the task type “Proctoring Review”. You can identify which tasks are open using the “Task completed at” column.

Click on a proctoring review task to review the proctored exam session.


Proctoring Review Tasks

Skilljar creates proctoring review tasks when the learner finishes the exam. Tasks can be in 3 different states:

Not Ready: If a Dashboard user opens a task that hasn’t been fully audited yet, we notify the user that the proctoring session is not yet ready for review. ProctorFree audits fully proctored sessions usually within 24 hours (this is applicable if you selected 'Full Proctoring' as the proctoring method in the Skilljar settings section).


Ready for Review: The proctored exam session is ready for review. Click on “Review in Proctoring Service” to get redirected to ProctorFree.

Click “Pass Proctoring” to mark the proctoring session as passed. This will also complete the course if the proctored lesson was the last required lesson to complete.

Click “Fail Proctoring” to mark the proctoring session as failed. If the proctored lesson is the last required lesson that needs to be completed, then this action will complete the lesson. If you use this lesson’s score as the course score and you allow the course to be completed on failure, this will also complete the course.

Passing or failing the proctoring session will also mark the task as completed.


Passed / Failed: Completed tasks can be reviewed again. If you need to change a learner’s proctoring result, please use the displayed link to go to the course progress page. Click ‘Edit’, navigate to the lesson and click on the lock icon. You can now update the proctoring column. Please note that you need to manually change the course completion, success status, and score if you want the course to be changed as well.



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