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Create a Scanning User to generate an XML sitemap for all of your lesson URLs on your Skilljar training site’s domains. The Scanning User tool creates an XML file that can be uploaded to the Skilljar backend and/or Google search console. 

Creating Scanning Users

Note: Create a distinct Scanning User email rather than using an actual student account.

If you want to scan and generate scan data across multiple domains, your Scanning User student must be invited to every domain in your organization. 

After you’ve created the Scanning User’s email address, please inform Skilljar Support so we can apply this within the system.  

Running a scan per domain

Once the Scanning user is set up, log in as the user and follow the below steps: 

  1. Go to your training domain's URL and add generate-sitemap: for example,
    • Note: This URL can only be accessed by the Scanning User. After you've generated the sitemap by the scanning user (see steps below), copy and paste the XML code provided and give it to our Customer Success team to upload into the backend. Once uploaded, copy the URL of your domain ( and paste that into Google Search Console.
  2. The sitemap should generate and you’ll see this message: “Generating. An email will be sent when complete.”
    • You can close this window or select the back button in your browser.
  3. Wait a minute or two for the sitemap to generate.
  4. You’ll receive an email, titled 'Domain sitemap is ready'.
  5. Select the link in the email or go directly to the XML page by adding sitemap.xml to the end of the domain URL.
  6. Copy or save the XML file by right-clicking on the page and downloading the sitemap XML.
  7. The URL list can be used by a cookie scanning tool, such as OneTrust to scan every page for cookies while logged in as that test user. 

Every time you go to the scanning URL ( a new/updated site map is generated, including newly added lessons and courses. 

Note: If you try to use the site map from a previous scan, it will not include the new lessons and courses.

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