Combine Lesson Types

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Multiple lesson types, including Video, HTML, a single quiz, and audio can be combined into a single lesson. For example, video and audio can be added to an HTML lesson. 

Learn more about lessons at Lessons 101 and Create a Lesson.

  • Note: Extra/combined content can only be added to newly created lessons and not existing lessons. 

What does a combined lesson look like?

A typical combined lesson setup may look like this:

Text/HTML content

Video/HTML content

Text/HTML content


Text/HTML content

Video content

Video content

Video content


Text/HTML content

Video content

Video content

Text/HTML content

  • Note: You can add up to 15 pieces of content to a lesson, although we recommend adding no more than six per lesson to ensure the most seamless learning experience. 
  • Only one quiz can be used per lesson. 
  • iFrame is only compatible with the files/web content lesson type.

How to combine lesson types

You can combine content/lessons in two ways. 

  1. First, create the lesson.
  2. Select either Add content to lesson or select the Options dropdown and then Add content to lesson.

  3. In the fly-out screen, add the other lesson type you want to combine.

  4. If you’re adding an asset such as a video, audio, or quiz, you’ll be given the option of selecting from any existing assets on your dashboard, or you can embed or create a new one. 
  5. When you’re finished, select Save Lesson

You can reorder the content by selecting the Options dropdown and then reorder content. Drag and drop the content in the order you want and select Done to apply the changes.

You can also divide each content block by giving each its own header.  

  • Note regarding lesson completion: Lesson completion depends on if there is a quiz or not. Lessons with combined content will be completed upon viewing unless there is a quiz, in which the lesson completion will be tied to the quiz completion. 
  • For video lessons, learners will have their progress saved within their browsers. If they leave the page, the video will restart at 0:00 but can be fast-forwarded to their original spot (fast-forward can’t be disabled).
    • If you require a video to be watched completely by a learner before they move on to the next lesson, please use the “files/web content” option instead of video. 

Try it yourself with our interactive guide below. Select the blue dot to learn more about each step:


Frequently Asked Questions

How are single-lesson settings affected?

If you're combing existing single-lessons the following settings will be affected, and will not be available:

  1. Learners will not have their video progress saved in the browser; if they leave the page, they must start the video over.

  2. Disable Automatic Completion.

  3. Mark Lesson Complete When Audio Or Video Is Done.

  4. Disable Audio and Video Fast Forward.

Then how does lesson completion work for combined lesson types?

Lesson completion will be based on whether or not a quiz is present in a lesson.

For example, with a video, quiz, and HTML block, the completion settings would be the following:

  • HTML/text -

    • Always completed upon loading the page.

  • Video -

    • Always completed upon loading the page.

  • Quiz -

    • Completion upon passing the quiz, AND/OR completing the quiz, AND/OR completing all available attempts.

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