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Unpublish a course to remove it from your training curriculum while keeping it for future use. Unpublishing a course keeps all of its settings and content intact, including its enrollment history and data, while removing the student’s access. 

This will remove the course enrollment from the Student Profile while maintaining student data from the Dashboard. You can still access enrollment history for unpublished courses via the Course Analytics page in your Skilljar dashboard. Learn more about course analytics at Understanding Analytics Reporting.

Note: Unpublishing a course does NOT delete it and it can be republished again

  1. Open your Skilljar Dashboard, and select Domains & Publishing or expand the Domains & Publishing header on the right and select Domains to open the Domains page.
  2. Find the domain with the course you want to unpublish and select Published Courses. 


  3. Find the course you want to unpublish from the list, or use the search bar, and then select the X under Unpublish.


  4. In the popup box, select OK to confirm and complete the unpublish process or cancel to go back.

  5. After selecting OK, the course will be unpublished and won’t appear on this list until it’s published again.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Success team or Skilljar Support!

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