Account-Level Reporting in Skilljar

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What is account-level reporting?

Account-level reporting aggregates your training data on a customer account or company level. When available, your training data can be used to match with your other data outside of Skilljar.  

For example, You might want to check whether the customers who have taken certain courses are also the customers who are happiest and may have higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS). To build this analysis you’ll need to use the Skilljar account-level training data and NPS data from another source such as your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).

How to collect account-level data from Skilljar?

Account-level data in Skilljar is enabled through Student Groups. You can automate the creation of Student Groups via single sign-on (SSO) parameters, or group students by email domain, which is similar to the account level or company level. Both of these methods can be enabled by your Skilljar Customer Success Manager.

Email domain groups make it so that each student who signs into your training site with a new email domain will create a group, and each subsequent student will be added to this group. The automatically created groups will go into a Group Category which will make it easy for you to distinguish between account groups and groups you’ve created manually, such as for visibility.

Once domain groups or company groups are enabled, you can use Group Analytics to see the latest training activity by your Account Groups. Use the Student filter to choose your Account Category and the Content Filter if you want to query whether your accounts have been active in a specific set of courses or paths. 

Download the dataset to use with our Customer Education Business Impact templates.

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