Cloning a Catalog Page

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Cloning a Catalog Page in your Skilljar dashboard is handy when you want to create a new Catalog Page but don't want to start from scratch. If you already have a Catalog page in your dashboard that would be a great template for creating additional content, you can clone this template to make an exact copy. 

Note: This also works for the Catalog home page. To learn more about your Catalog home page and how to change it, see Set Catalog Page as a home page.

Learn more about Catalog Pages at Catalog Pages 101.

For more information, check out our Skilljar Academy course, Cloning a Catalog Page

How to Clone a Catalog Page

Clone the Catalog page by following these steps. 

Note: You can only clone a Catalog Page from within the same domain. 

  1. Go to your Skilljar Dashboard and select Domains & Publishing, or expand the Domains & Publishing header, and select Domains to open the Domains page.
  2. Find the domain with the Catalog Page you want to edit and select Catalog Pages. You’ll be redirected to the Catalog Pages tab that lists all of your existing pages. 
  3. Find the Catalog Page you want to clone
  4. Select the ellipses (...), and then select Clone Page.


  5. The new cloned Catalog Page's settings will open. To learn more about these settings, see Create and Edit Catalog Pages.
    • All settings will be saved upon initial creation, except for the location settings. 
  6. When you're finished customizing the settings, select Save and Continue or Save to apply the changes. 

New URL/Web Address

It's highly recommended that you give the new Catalog Page a new URL/web address. A new one will be automatically generated for the new Catalog Page upon creation but will include "clone-of-" and then the original pages' address. For example, 

You can change the URL of the Catalog Page on its settings page in the URL field. 


Skilljar Academy Course

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