Create Groups Based on Plans

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The plans feature includes a group membership rule based on plan access.

Learn more about plans at Plans 101.

To create a group based on your plans, follow these steps. 

  1. Open your Skilljar dashboard and select Groups from the left navigation bar. This will open a list of the groups within your platform.
  2. Select the edit rules icon for the student group you want to manage. This will take you to the group's rule page.
  3. Select + Add Student to this group when they register for a plan to expand the list of available plans.
  4. Chose the plan(s) you want to add to the rule and select the > icon to move it to the Selected plans table to add it. 


  5. When you're finished, select Save or Save and Continue Editing to make more adjustments. 

When you set a ‘plan access’ rule for a given group, any time a learner gains access to a plan by activating a plan license (thereby ‘registering’ for the plan), they will be added to that group.

By using this new plan-specific membership rule in conjunction with group visibility unlocks two admin use cases, and you can present plan-specific upgrade opportunities.

  • To set this up as an admin, you would:
    • Create a Silver Plan
    • Set up a Silver Plan Group with the plan access rule (i.e. when learners gain access to the Silver plan, they will be added to that group)
    • Create an Upgrade to Gold Plan
    • Set the group visibility for that plan to ‘hidden by default, making it visible to members of the Silver Plan Group only
  • The Upgrade to Gold Plan will then become visible to any learner who gains access to the Silver Plan.

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