Reporting on Plans

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The Order Report section of your Skilljar dashboard includes plan purchases and plan registrations, learn more at Understanding Order Reports.

Learn more about plans at Plans 101

Select the Order Report header from the left navigation bar to access the report page. You'll see a list of plans. By default, it will show plans from the last 30 days, but you can use the drop-down selections to customize the view. 


The transaction type filter enables you to filter by purchase or registrationPlans_17.png

The offer type filter helps you to quickly find and filter by the specific objects (such as course, domain, path, and plan) that you would like to report on


If you have set up a plan-based group membership rule, you can also use the group filter in the upper right corner of pages in the analytics section of the dashboard. In the example below, the course analytics page is being filtered by the plan-based ‘Platinum Members’ group:


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