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Integrate Skilljar with Salesforce to pass Skilljar training data into your instance of Salesforce. To learn how to see which version of Salesforce you have installed, as well as other information about your package, please take a look at the Salesforce help center.

Check out the QuickTip on Skilljar Academy for a quick video of the installation of the Salesforce App from the app exchange.

To learn about Skilljar's Data Connector, see Skilljar Data Connector 101 and Data Connector: Data Dictionary - Table, Fields, and Schema.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a third-party cloud-based software designed to help businesses connect to their customers and data. You can integrate Salesforce with Skilljar to view training and completion data alongside other Salesforce data and use the training data with marketing targeted at your trained customers (see Salesforce Use Cases below).

Two versions of the Salesforce Skilljar app are available. One is a Salesforce Classic app that works in Salesforce Classic and Lightning and the second version is a Lightning app only. To take full advantage of Skilljar in Salesforce Lightning, install the Lightning app.

To learn how to install the Salesforce app with Skilljar, see Install the Salesforce Integration App.

Salesforce Use Cases

Common Salesforce use cases include:

  • Viewing training registration and completion data with other Salesforce data.
  • Building consolidated Salesforce dashboards with training and certification data.
  • Adding training data to customer success software like Gainsight.
  • Using training data to customize marketing targeted at your trained customers.
  • Automatically adding training data to Salesforce contact records.
  • Sending signup fields (for example, job title and company name) into Salesforce.

Please note our Salesforce app is different from three other supported features:

As part of your onboarding process, your implementation manager will activate the add-on for your Organization.

Data Fields

Skilljar creatseveral of custom objects and tabs within Salesforce that are updated in real-time. These include:

  • Skilljar Student (with a Skilljar ID and email address).
  • Published Courses (with URL, domain, and title).
  • Purchase information (Price, Currency, Promo Code).
  • Enrolled At timestamp.
  • Latest Activity timestamp.
  • Number of completed lessons.
  • Number of total lessons in the course.
  • Completed At timestamp.
  • Success Status (Passed or Failed).
  • Course Score.
  • Maximum Course Score.
  • Credits Earned.
  • Credit Units (such as Points and Hours).
  • Certificate URL.
  • Certificate Code.

See a full list of Salesforce Data Connector objects available with the Salesforce App.

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