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Create learning paths to collect related courses on your Skilljar training platform and allow users to see which courses are part of training bundles, topics, and more. Users can register for learning paths and will also register for the courses associated with the path as they move through it.

What is a Learning Path?

A learning path is a collection of related courses on your training catalog. You can use this functionality to easily show users which courses are part of the same training bundle, topic, level of knowledge, and more. 



There is a single register button for a Learning Path, which registers the student for that path. Once enrolled in that path, they will be registered for the individual courses incrementally as they progress through the path. Selecting the course tile will trigger an automatic course registration for the student for a seamless transition through courses.

You can also use course prerequisites should you want to create a defined path for students to follow (for example, you must complete Course A before being able to register for Course B).

Why use a Learning Path?

Learning Paths are useful when courses are designed to be taken together. Learning Paths allow you to: 

  • Combine multiple courses into a unified learning experience
  • View analytics, measuring a student’s progress across a group of courses

How do Learning Paths work?

There are a few important callouts about the Learning Path functionality:

  • Registration: After a student has registered for a path, they get dropped into the Path Curriculum Page. They get enrolled into courses in the path automatically once they click on the course tile. (If a student does not have visibility or access to a specific course in a path, they won’t see the course).

  • Prerequisites: Course prerequisites apply in a path. If you would like your students to go through a path incrementally you can enforce it with course-level prerequisites.

  • Bulk Purchasing: Paths can be purchased in bulk quantities or on behalf of another. Learn more at Bulk Purchasing Courses, Paths, & Plans in Skilljar.

  • Group Visibility and Access: The group visibility and access settings of the published courses in the Learning Path will be respected. Learn more at Setting Visibility and Access for a Published Course, Catalog Page, Plan, or Published Path.

  • Email Notifications: Students can be alerted of Learning Path registration. When registering for the Learning Path, the student will not receive the individual course registration emails, even if the registration emails are explicitly set for the course.

    • Note: There's no student email notification for completion of the Learning Path. 

  • Students can view their active and inactive Learning Path Enrollments via the Student Profile page. If the path is still active, they can click on the Path name and will be directed to the Path overview page.


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