Charging for a Learning Path

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To charge and set a purchase price for your Learning Paths, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Skilljar Dashboard and select Domains & Publishing, or expand the Domains & Publishing header, and select Domains to open the Domains page.
  2. Find the domain you want to create a learning path for and select Paths to open the Paths Management page with a list of any existing Paths. (The snapshot will show indicate how many paths are associated with that domain, if any.)
  3. Select the Path you want to add a purchase price to. This will take you to the Path's settings page.
  4. Scroll down to Purchase Settings and select the Add a Purchase Price box. A box will appear.
  5. Type your chosen price for the Path in the box.
      • If you price the Path, students will have to pay for the path (or use a promo code), and they will be registered for all courses in the Path at once. 
      • If you leave the price at 0.00, the learning path will be free for students, and they will be registered for all courses in the path at once. Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_6.07.59_PM.png
  6. If priced, you can define the maximum checkout quantity for a bulk purchase to be made at checkout. By default, it's 30 as the maximum. 
  7. You can also determine if you would like promo codes to be applied to this path by selecting Add This Learning Path to One of More Pomo Code Pools, expanding Your Promo Codes, and then selecting the promo code you want to include. 


  8. You can also decide if you want to create a custom SKU, which is especially helpful if you are using Skilljar's Salesforce Integration. 
  9. The Detail Page HTML section is the header students see before purchasing the path. The Header HTML section is the header students see after purchasing the path. 
  10. You can define an expiration date for the path. This will determine how long students have access to the path following their registration.Screen_Shot_2020-09-28_at_10.37.54_PM.png
  11. When you're done, select Save to save your changes or Save and Continue Editing to save and keep making changes.

If a course within a Learning Path appears in several pages or paths, students will be notified at registration, as shown below. 



  • When a student purchases a single Learning Path, they will be automatically enrolled into all of the courses within that path. Pre-requisites will be respected.
  • When a user purchases for another or multiple quantities of a path, Skilljar generates a license that can be used for the purchased number of users. In the ‘Share it’ section, the purchaser can copy this license code link. They can also decide to register themselves, which applies the generated license code in the background.

  • Learning Path enrollment pricing overrides any course pricing within that path. 

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