Choosing the right layout for your learning path

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Choosing the right layout for your Learning Path is a key element in reaching the goal you have for this type of content. Are you interested in simply throwing some courses together for a specific target audience? Are you looking to truly guide people through a path and visually show them that the training chunks are best taken in sequence? Skilljar offers flexibility!

There are three layout options for Learning Paths.

  • Expandable view: Courses are displayed full-width and expandable. They are connected via dashed lines
  • Tile view: Courses are displayed as tiles
  • List view: Courses are displayed full-width, one per line.

The Expandable View offers the richest experience for Learning Paths and is the default layout for every new Path that’s created. While this layout doesn’t strictly enforce sequential navigation, it visually cues learners to go through the path in sequence through a list view with a dotted line between the courses and a content preview on every course. To strictly enforce sequential navigation within a Path, course prerequisites should be used,



When a learner makes progress on courses in a Path with the Expandable View layout, this progress can be viewed directly from the Path Curriculum page. This helps keep students engaged and oriented.

If you are looking for a lightweight experience for your Learning Paths that still visually looks like learning blocks that are best taken in sequence, consider using the List View. 

If you like the look of your course tiles in your catalog pages and you are mainly using Paths to show a learner a series of courses tailored to their learning goals then the Tile View is appropriate. Your Learning Path will look like a series of courses on a page and your Analytics will track the progress of students on the whole.

In summary, use the Expandable View Layout for the richest Learning Path experience, the List View for a more lightweight sequential experience, and the Tile View if you want your Paths to look more casual. 

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