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Live training events can be central to your training strategy and there can be a significant amount of configuration and customization that can be involved in setting up this program within your training site. This article will provide you with an overview of live training events as well as other helpful resources. 

What is a Live Training Event/Lesson?

Live event lessons are training delivered by an instructor in real-time and can occur in person or remotely/virtually, over platforms like Zoom. Live training events are also referred to as instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (VILT).

You can create and add a live training event lesson to your courses in the same way as you would any other lesson via your Skilljar dashboard (see Create a Lesson). To learn how to create a live training event, see Create and Manage Live Training Events.

You can schedule live events on a single day or across numerous sessions, add the events to your course calendar, have a restricted number of seats, create waitlists for events that are full, and use a student's attendance as a passing grade. Live training lessons can be completely customized to your needs and it can all be done from your Skilljar dashboard. 

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Live Training Best Practices

  • The estimated time spent to create and manage your live training can range from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on your team's live training configuration. This varies and will be highly dependent on how many events you are utilizing via Skilljar. This doesn't include any potential troubleshooting.
  • If a student launches the event from the training domain, the Live Event lesson will automatically be marked as 'attended'.
  • After an event, to manually update attendance, as well as set scores, or success statuses, check out this article: Update Scores, Success Status, and Attendance for a Past Live Training Event
  • If you have sequential navigation turned on for this course (where lessons must be taken in order), a user cannot proceed to the next lesson until they're marked attended.
  • If the event date/time has passed, the event will no longer be listed for students to select.
  • If you've reached the designated maximum seat total per event, the event will no longer be listed for students to select.
  • Students will not be able to register for a course if there are no seats left in any live training lesson, and publishing settings have enforced a limited checkout quantity based on available live training lesson seats. 
  • While students typically self-register for live events, you can use our Add/Remove buttons from the dashboard to enlist or remove them on their behalf. Learn more.
  • The ‘Launch Zoom Event’ button becomes available for students to select 3 minutes before the meeting is set to start.

How Live Training Works for Students

Before registering for your course, a student can see the live events on your course details page. They can then self-register and self-cancel for the live training that works best for them. Users can download these events to their calendars and will receive email confirmations for any registrations and cancellations.

Note:: Students are not able to register for WebEx events after they have started, if a student attempts to do this, they will be met with an error message. Read more about tracking attendance and adding scores for Students.

  1. From Course Details, users can see the available date/times for the lesson(s) (if completing step 7 above) under the About this Course heading, after your course's long description.

  2. Once they register for the course, in the live training lesson they will be able to select the time/date that works for them.

  3. When a user registers, they can download the calendar item for that event and will receive an email confirmation with event details.

    Email confirmation:

  4. Users can cancel their registration, which allows them to choose a new event as needed and sends a cancellation email confirmation.

    Email cancellation confirmation:

For Cancelled Events

  • All students registered for an event that is canceled by a Skilljar Admin will receive an event cancellation email (This is similar to the email Skilljar sends students for deleted events). Please note, this email notification is not customizable. 


  • The event will be removed from the Live Training lesson (no longer listed as an option for registration).
  • The event will be removed from the Training Domain’s Calendar ([academy]. [yourcompany].com/calendar).

Further Resources

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