Accredible: Using Accredible Badges With Skilljar

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Integrate your Skilljar dashboard with Accredible’s platform to issue verifiable badges and certificates to students for lessons and courses they complete in Skilljar. 

To learn more about integrating Accredible with Skilljar, including a step-by-step guide, please see Accredible’s help article, How Do I Set Up the Skilljar Integration With Accredible? 

  • Note: You’ll need an Accredible account to use this integration.

For more information about Accredible and to receive specific Accredible support, please visit their website

What Are Accredible Badges? 

Accredible can integrate with your Skilljar training platform and award digital badges and credentials to students after completing one or more of your lessons/courses.

When students complete a lesson/course, they’ll receive their Accredible badge automatically. To learn more about sharing and managing Accredible badges, please visit the Accredible website

Why Should I Integrate Accredible With Skilljar?

The Accredible integration automates the issuing process between Accredible and Skilljar and automatically creates credentials based on the Skilljar course and lesson completion. It also brings Skilljar data into Accredible. 

The integration combines the strengths of both Skilljar and Accredible platforms and offers a comprehensive solution for creating and managing digital credentials, enhancing the value of your training program. 

Setting up the Accredible Integration With Skilljar

You can find a comprehensive guide on integrating Accredible with Skilljar in Accredible’s help center article. For any Accredible-specific questions and support, please contact Accredible’s customer support.

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