Adding the Discussion Forum in a Course

by Sarah Southerland

We offer a discussion forum for peer and/or instructor interaction through Disqus.

How does it work?
Once you've configured your Disqus account, the students can read and leave comments in the Comments tab.


To add the comments forum to your courses, you'll need to configure your Skilljar account with your Disqus shortname. 

Already have a Disqus account?

  1. Navigate to the Themes feature and edit the default theme.
  2. Expand the Lesson Settings and enter in the Disqus Shortname:


Hide Disqus from a specific lesson

To learn how to hide Disqus so students can't participate in discussion forums on specific lessons, click here.  

New to Disqus?
Sign up for a free Disqus account and find the shortname.  

1. Visit the Disqus site:

2. Click “For Websites” (this allows your moderator functionality)

3. After clicking "For Websites", click "Add Disqus to Your Site"

4. Once you have created an account, find the shortname. To find the shortname, select -> Settings -> General -> Site Identity -> Shortname.

 5. Input your Disqus shortname into the theming section of your Instructor Dashboard (see the first screenshot in this article).

Note: the "Website Name" field is the name that will display in the course. 

User experience

A user will be able to expand your Details section in the course and add their comments.

Disqus supports text comments and uploaded images (jpg, jpeg, non-animated gif, and png) up to 2 MB. Videos, documents, etc... can only be linked from the comments section. Learn more about what your users can do here.

SSO with Disqus

If you would like to enable SSO with Disqus, which will automatically log your students into Disqus with their Skilljar student account, you can learn more about that here.

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