Recommended Settings for Video Files

by Sarah Southerland

These settings will produce high quality files, which are optimized for playing across a wide range of devices and connection speeds.

Main settings

  • Format: MP4 video with AAC audio 
  • Video Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080 pixels)
  • Video Bitrate: Target Bitrate 4Mbps, Max bitrate 16Mbps
  • Audio Bitrate: 256Kbps max

The following formats are also accepted, although MP4 is recommended: M4V, AVI and FLV

Additional settings

  • There is a max file size of 2 GB per video and a max upload time of one hour. If your video is larger than 2 GB you should be able to compress it a bit and get it smaller.
  • Use progressive frames (e.g. 720p) instead of interlacing (e.g. 720i). Interlacing does not apply to online video and transcoder may introduce artifacts when attempting to filter it away.
  • Use a screen aspect ratio of 16:9. This will fill the screen of many monitors, laptops, tablets and phones with your footage. More rectangular (4:3) or cinematic (2.39:1) ratios will result in black borders on many screens.
  • Use a pixel aspect ratio of 1:1. Older broadcast formats (like PAL or NTSC) use non-square pixels, but online video pixels are always square. Our video player may have troubles converting non-square pixel aspect ratios, resulting in a stretched image.
  • Export the to-be-uploaded videos in MP4 format and not in MOV. The latter contains additional features like Edit Lists that often result in audio-video sync issues.
  • If available, select the Main or High profile for the H.264 video. These profiles support features like B-frames and CABAC, resulting in higher quality at the same bitrate.
  • To add closed captioning to your videos, ensure your text files are created in SRT format with 00:00:00,000 timestamps, then email your files to Skilljar Support to upload them to your video on your behalf.
    • JW Player recommends keeping each caption length under 64 characters to prevent cut-off.


Your video is transcoded into a variety of resolutions so we can deliver the best quality video depending on the speed of their internet connection.  We will scale and transcode the video at the following widths.  We only downscale videos, so it is recommended that you upload the original in the largest width that's practical for you:

  • 1920px wide (1080p video)
  • 1280px wide (720p video)
  • 720px wide
  • 480px wide
  • 320px wide
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